Monday, June 30, 2008

The week 13 extravaganza

***Once again, none of these babies are ours, don't get too attached. The last one (i love the heart shape...haha) is of twins.

13 whole weeks of pregnancy are under my belt... if I could wear a belt.
Our baby has seemingly retrogressed yet again and this week is the size of a medium shrimp. While I am not typically a seafood fan, I am making an exception. Last night, I was standing there feeling my belly, like a normally do... and I was like WOAH, Nic, feel this. No, it wasn't kicking (yet!) but we could feel this big hard lump that I am assuming is my uterus. So, I quickly did some reading about uterus placement and I found that your uterus isn't supposed to rise to your belly button till your 20th week and so I am thinking multiples are looking more and more like reality. AHHHH CRAZY! I would be SOOOO excited!! Well, triplets and beyond would scare the bejees out of me, but 2 would be fun! Of course, if its just one little medium shrimp, we will be thrilled! I was talking to my friend Ashley today and she was like: don't we have the technology to know for sure? And yes, we do. Well, WE don't but I know someone who does. Dr. Larson, my elusive obgyn. Problem, she is one busy lady who I couldn't schedule a first apt. with until 14 weeks. good thing that is only one week away now. It seems like we've been waiting FOREVER!!! I am just dying to know because I am such a planner. If we are having one, I'd like to know. If we are having 2,3, 4 ect I would REALLY like to know! Especially because the house hunt is continuing and square feet might have to increase if the number of baby feet in our household also increases.
This weekend we are off to Bakersfield, the armpit of California.
But, brightening up the armpit will be most of my siblings (everyone but Mark) plus all their awesome kids! Some cousins I haven't seen in years and years. Both of my sweet little Grandmas. Aunts and uncles. Plus good old Mom and Dad are flying in from CO. We leave Thursday and come back Sunday. Yay!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Evapaul update

Just wanted to share a few of our new designs.
Evapaul is exploding and we are SOOOOOOO excited about it!
Thanks for telling your friends about us!

And like Emily suggested... we've added a few family trees to our shop. wedding stuff gets the most traffic but hopefully people will find these and love them!

Some of you will see your names in our invites or trees... consider it a compliment :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our anniversary weekend!

We had such a great time in our 28-hour getaway to San Francisco this weekend. We left Yuba City around 1:00 pm and arrived at our hotel- The Galleria Park Hotel in the financial district. If it wasn't for I never would have picked this place. But, it looked like a fun area of the city and I loved the design in the guest rooms, plus at $130 a night it was pretty affordable. I called a few days before just to confirm our reservations. They asked if we were staying for a special occasion and I said: YES! our first anniversary! So, when we checked in they had upgraded our room (to a room that would have been $269 a night) and there was a bottle of wine (woohoo!) and a cute little card waiting for us. It was so sweet! So, we went up to our 7th floor room and we both were in love! It was awesome. Better than I expected. The room was decorated in such an awesome/funky way. We loved the teal walls with the apple colored upholstered chair and love seat. It was so cute.

I had never stayed anywhere with a stocked mini fridge. I had fun looking at the list of prices and making Nic guess how much they charged for things.

here are some of the highlights of the weekend:

{window shopping}
staying in the financial district was absolutely perfect! We were steps away from the best shops. We didn't buy anything but we had a lot of fun looking. We first saw the Diesel store and went straight for it. It was 4 full floors. I did experience my first (and second) charlie horses! It was on the way down the 4 flights of stairs and I just stopped and was laughing so hard because I had never felt anything like that before. Nic felt my leg and could feel the crazy leg muscles freaking out. As soon as it started to feel a little bit normal, it then started in my right leg. We got to a couch on the second floor but it was crazy... and it really hurt!

I read a million reviews before deciding where we should eat over the weekend. When I would find what looked like a cool restaurant, it seemed like if it had great views, it was crappy food. Good food, no views. But in the end, what I really wanted was to find a place with food we actually liked. When I read the menus at really fancy restaurants I couldn't pronounce anything and I am just not that adventurous with eating things like es cargo and things like that. So, I decided steak would be perfect for us. I finally narrowed it down to Morton's. I knew it was going to be expensive and it had no view, but I knew it would be delicious and it was only .5 mile from our hotel (we didn't get our car out till the end of our trip, we walked everywhere and nothing was very far. it was great!) I called for reservations and they again asked if it was a special occasion and I told them it was. They set up a table for us with little happy anniversary decorations and the menus were printed jut for us and said: Happy anniversary Kirsten and Nic! (well, Nic was with a K at the end, that was our one complaint :) We dressed up to go out to dinner and that was really fun. We were planning on taking pictures but it was too nice, we would have been really embarrassed. The food was AMAZING! Nic got the jumbo lobster tail with grilled asparagus with balsamic glaze and I got the cajun rib eye steak (which was in the "smaller steak" section but it was HUGE and I shared it with Nic) with mashed potatoes. We shared with each other and it was all so fabulous. We finished off the meal with the famous Morton's hot chocolate cake which was so yummy. It had raspberries and mint leaves on top which Nic loved. We have never spent anywhere close to that amount on a meal (or three weeks of groceries for that matter) but it was a fun once in a year type of meal.
I wanted a picture with the baby!

my hot, hot husband :)

We did more than just eat on our trip, I promise :)
I read over and over again in reviews about a breakfast spot named: Dotties. Every review promised very long lines, especially on the weekends but every review also ended with: it was totally worth it! We walked about a mile to get there and found a line of about 35 people outside of Dotties. They only have 10 tables and room for about 4 people to wait inside. We talked to some nice people in line and our legs were burning at the end of our hour and half wait but then finally, we were inside! there was a bench to sit on and it was so nice to give our legs a break. then, we sat down! everything was SOOOO good! We each were starving (which I found very disappointing after our expensive meal the night before) so we ordered eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and Nic got french toast and I got pancakes. The pancakes were whole wheat and spiced with cinnamon and ginger and it was for the sure the best pancake I have ever had! We too agreed it was worth the wait.
This was only 20 minutes into the waiting... you've got a long time left, lover.
Yes, I am showing, and yes, Nic likes to take pictures of my growing bulge. Some days he is like: WOAH! it is even bigger than yesterday! I must say I am just as shocked as he is.. its weird to see my body changing so fast.
I call this... anticipation
The long line after we were almost inside. VICTORY!

I initially planned on taking us to the SF museum of modern art, but as we were looking for our hotel on Saturday, we saw another museum on the same street we were staying. The SF museum of craft and design sounded perfect for us! Plus the $3 donation was a great price! The exhibit was on ceramics and it was really good. We especially loved the museum shop which was filled with awesome and really unique things and the beautiful gardens and sculpture outside.

{ice cream and the Mission district}
again... with all my review readings I wanted to try an ice cream shop a few miles away. So, we finally picked up the car from the parking garage and $30 poorer we drove to the Mission district which we LOVED! The houses are traditional San Francisco victorian row houses and a little less expensive plus if you head up the hill a bit there was beautiful views of the Bay, even though it was a cloudy day. We went through a few open houses which is our favorite thing to do when we visit a new city... we love to look at real estate. The ice cream was really good too :)

{site seeing}
We then headed to more of the touristy side of the city. We drove down Lombard street, it was freaky (and hard to get pictures of, I tried my best!) and past all the piers and across the golden gate bridge. It was really fun! This ended our fabulous trip for our first anniversary. It has been by far the best year of my life and I am so excited and elated to married to Nic. We had a great time together this weekend and a great first year of marriage!
Lombard street and our cracked windshield.
we have no clue what this building was... but it was way rad.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Week 12!

Hi everyone! We had a FABULOUS trip to San Francisco this weekend. It was perfect but I'm going to do the post on that later. For now.. baby news! It is now week 12, otherwise known as THREE MONTHS! (I really like the way that sounds) And the lime-sized baby is looking really good! One interesting fact I read about this week is that our little guy's intestines have grown so fast this week that they are overflowing into the umbilical cord. Isn't that crazy?! 
You will get to see how this little lime has changed my look in the pictures from our trip. Everyone in other states (basically everyone we know :(  has been asking if I'm showing and I think you will see that I definitely  am. I've gained 6 pounds thus far but it not a pretty 6, I can assure you of that! I am wearing almost exclusively maternity clothes. I really didn't have an inch to grow in my old clothes so any weight gain= maternity. I didn't want to buy "fat jeans" and then have to buy maternity a month later so I just bypassed that step. I've been feeling slightly better. Sooooo tired all the time and some lingering morning sickness but I am doing better than before. Thankfully. I forgot to call the doctor today and I'm really mad at myself. Since I couldn't get in for my first appointment till 14 weeks and I am DYING to know if we are having twins, I called to see if there is anyway we could get a sooner date- they said no but if I wanted to call every morning I could come in if there was a cancellation. I was thinking Monday would be a perfect day for people to cancel but I had a billion clients to respond to from our weekend away so I was doing that non stop till noon and then remembered the Dr... too late now. I'm going to set an alarm so this doesn't happen again! The anniversary post to come shortly! 

Friday, June 20, 2008

pillowcase swap

Over 3 and 1/2 years ago, Nic left for his mission in Ohio. I was very happy, but quite crushed. At that point, we swapped pillowcases, I guess so we could "sleep together" every night. I had a cute stripey one and Nic had, well, I loving refer to it as 80's cowboy. It was from the bed set he had had for basically his whole life. Maybe at some point it was cool. Maybe. So when we got married, it was kind of funny to see our old pillowcases again but we still used each others. Kind of romantic, right? Well, then my old pillowcase started to spontaneously explode. I really don't know what happened to it. I had a horrible pillow I was using so I finally got a new one about a month ago. But, what I REALLY wanted was Nic's pillow. He really liked the new one I bought and so we switched, yet again, this time pillows. So now, I was sleeping on Nic's great pillow but my ratty-tatty pillowcase. He was back to the 80's but with a new pillow. This is seeming to be a very complicated post. The point of all this is, I broke down and bought us pillowcases today! They match, are 300 thread count and cost a whole $4 at Ross. I don't know why I didn't just do that earlier! I was waking up every morning to bigger and bigger holes in the pillowcase and it was pretty much not awesome. I'll let you know how these new pillowcases change our lives.
Its our anniversary this weekend! We are leaving for San Francisco early in the day tomorrow and spending the night in a swanky hotel. I'd share more details but Nic planned V-day and I've got our anniversary so I'll post more when we get back to keep up the level of suspense!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tupac Shakur

so i have recently stopped drinking caffeine because Kirsten did and her head aches went away.  so i decided to give it a try and it worked.  but, i was in the gas station the other day and saw this energy drink and i had to buy it!  its called 2 PAC...... HUNID RACKS as you can see in the picture, so i thought that was the funniest thing in the world.
check out the awesome pager he has!! hahaha wow.   i guess this drink is only for real hustlers, at least thats what the can says.