Wednesday, July 29, 2009

salt lake city airport, i don't love you. only one more hour...

lone tree, i love you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


We made out first sale on sugar bee's! yayyyy! I'm so excited- this means nic will let me go shopping again! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

i know, i'm as shocked as you are.

so, i've been pretty adamant (as well as vocal...) that i wouldn't put a big bow or flower headband on daphne. well, here it is... (but really.. it's not big :)

in my defense, this is the CUTEST headband i have ever seen (tied only by the other one we got her today...) our friend kendra (check out her blog!!) made them, along with 9 little clips for me! I'm so excited. daph, you're to die for.

in other news... nic got a new laptop! he decided to sell his 20-inch imac for a 15 in macbook pro. it is awesome. i am only slightly jealous. as you can see, he is pretty excited. nic, you're to die for :) :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

sugar bee's

nic and i have moved our love for vintage store treasure hunting to the level of obsession. we've opened a new etsy shop!

it's really perfect for us- we love photography and shopping and have combined the two into a money-making (hopefully) venture we can do together. so far its been really fun- we've bought about 10 items and have 5 posted in our shop so far. Our friend Bridgette (check out her art blog) modeled for us today and did a great job. nic and i had so much fun both taking photos. i always forget how much we love to do that together. heisthecoolest.

plaid high waisted a-line skirt $26

merlot secretary's shirt $18

gray a-line drawstring wool skirt. $26

cute model.
baby (12 months) seafoam green shirt with cute flower button detail on the front, delicate lace on the back. $12

wool high waisted a-line, mid calf skirt in blues, greens and purples. $26
(these last 2 pictures were taken by our dear friend maddy)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i want a house.

i go through phases of having to have something. Sometimes its an icecream cone and that's an easy-enough fix. other times, it's a bit more complicated. today, i want a house. i want a place to call our own. a place that is unique and beautiful but perfect only for us- for no one else. i want a place where it's just me+nic+daphne. i want it to be tall, but i don't want it to be big. i don't want it to look like anyone else's. tons of windows. i want to be able to do anything we want with it. i want it to environmentally sound. i want nic to have a band room where he can play as loud and long as he wants. modern, very modern. i want it to be colorful and a little weird. i want it to be in san francisco, in the mission to be exact. i want it, and i want it today.

what i adore {i'm curious to see how this changes as we get closer to actually buying a house... it's good to see how your style evolves}

i love frosty bluish/green glass (or is it plastic...)

walls and walls of beautiful windows. floor to ceiling if possible.

(and if they open- that's even better!)

i love simple cabnits with huge, sleek pulls.

i love little nooks.

(this is actually on their roof- isn't that amazing?!)

i love wood built-ins (and what's not to love about about this...
eames chairs!!)

i love unique furniture- like this beautiful crib. daphne would love those peep-holes.

form + function- like this staircase that has bookcases built into the walls that are accessible from either side.

awesome sinks. nic and i never agree on sinks which is crushing- i want a really really awesome one.

(oh and i love the cabinet and the toilet too)

open staircases (daphne better be good at walking at this point :)

concrete- on the countertops, floors or walls- i LOVE it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

boy or girl?

so i know this is partly my fault (or completely?) but daphne is often mistaken for a boy. i'm not too into pink- definitely not into bows, headbands, flowers ect and it doesn't help that daphne is pretty bald. I feel like i don't dress her like a boy but maybe not neseccarily like a girl either. I was going to take a picture of all the outfits daphne has been called a boy in but there is just too many (and not enough laundry done...) so I'll describe:

red and white striped shirt, jeans.
(ok.. funny story with this one. And I promise Missy, I was NOT offended, I just thought this was way funny.) Nic was in art seminar this semester so I went with him and one time I was out in the hallway with daphne and ran into Tyler, Missy (nic's cousin)'s husband. Here is how the conversation went (i'm paraphrasing but you get the point..):

T: hey, how are you?
ME: Great.. how are you?
T: good- what are you doing here?
ME: Nic is in art seminar...
T: so, how's he doing?
ME: he's great.
T: he's really getting big!
ME: (realizing tyler wasn't asking how nic was doing, he was asking how DAPHNE was doing) uhh.. yeah.. HE is (i didn't want to make him feel dumb so i just went along with it- i usually do :)

a brown onsie with pink, lime green and purple flower pants
(they sound ugly but i promise, they're cute!)
This old lady at enrichment said about daphne when she was wearing this:
"what a strong little boy"

this outfit:
lots of people called her a boy that day. at least like 6 people at the grocery store.

robot pj's (ok.. these are boys clothes, i'll admit it)
again, at least a few boy comments at the grocery store. i asked for it. i even called daphne, Sebastian once at the store (as a joke!)

{perhaps daph's first cheesy/forced smile for a camera}

another boy outfit- i guess i just can't resist and plus... i don't really care! I really just think its funny whenever it happens. i stand firm- babies can wear ANY color, its ok! I think she looks just adorable.

In other news- we had to lower daphne's crib because she pulled herself up to the bar and stood up the other day and freaked us out. i'm so glad nic happened to be looking at her (without her knowing) as she was doing it. sneaky little baby. I think she is finally teething (for the past 3 months anytime she is whiney i say she is teething) and she ate some very small bites of crackers last night without gagging and freaking out (she hates food)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

our little lady is 6 months old.

miss daphne celebrated her 1/2 birthday with 10 hours in the car in route to CA. Happy birthday! yesterday we visited the doctor for more shots and her well-baby check. she is doing great! I was SHOCKED by the stats- she has def had a growth spurt! her 6-month stats:

weight: 16.5 pounds {55th percentile}
length: 27 inches {88th percentile}
head circumference
: 16.5 {25th percentile}

so, it turns out that midget parents CAN have normal-sized children! Up till this point, daphne was always in the 25th percentile all around but now she is one of the tallest kids for her age. Crazy! My mom was like this too- tall for her age as a baby and they predicted she would be like 6'1 or something. thankfully she wasn't, she is 5'5. so i'm sure daphne will even out quickly. she is so much fun, more fun everyday! we love hearing "mamma" and "dadda" and seeing her struggle to crawl (she is now rocking on her hands and knees) is so much fun. i love watching her figure stuff out, it's awesome.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

trip to ID--> UT--->CA

this weekend we got to see:
Errin, Christian (sister in law, brother)
Mom and Dad (kirsten's)
Nana (mom's mom)
Grandma Pedersen (dad's mom)
Aunts Barbra & Susie (dad's sisters)
Uncle Kurt (mom's brother)
Uncle Craig and Aunt Genni (mom's brother)
Soelberg cousins and second cousins (cutest little kid ever- Jonas)
Sarah, Kjell (sister in law, brother)
Drew, Chaz and Nate (nephews)

it was really fun and way too short of a visit (especially considering that we drove) Wednesday night we stayed with our favorite hosts- Christian and Errin. We had a bbq with their friends who were quite friendly. it was fun- we kind of wish we lived there, especially after that night. Then on Thursday we met my parents in St. George, ate In-N-Out and continued the drive. We arrived in Bakersfield (if you haven't been, it's awesome :) and stayed with Nana. She is so sweet and I wish we lived near her or at least got to see her more often. The next day we visited Grandma Pedersen and the aunts on my dad's side and my mom's brother and his family. Everyone just adored daphne and it was fun. We also went to Dewars (a candy shop i have never been to- i have eaten the candy all my life but i've always wanted to go- its a cute 50's soda shop and we got ice cream sundays and some of their famous chews) on Saturday we went to Fresno and stayed with Kjell and Sarah and their 3 boys. They are adorable and fun. Drew was so cute and liked playing with daphne. We went swimming at Sarah's parents and did fireworks there. The swimming was nice but Daphne hated the fireworks so we went inside very quickly. Sunday was Nate's blessing and then we drove home. 15 hours (well, it was supposed to be) in one day with a 6-month old- what were we thinking? Well, we ended up stopping at midnight in Jackpot, Nevada- still 4 hours from home. We drove home Monday morning with an hour to spare to shower and eat lunch before our class started at 2. It was a crazy weekend but I'm so glad we did it. It was so fun to be with my family- we really miss them.
This is before we left- its a good idea to teach your child they can stand up in their crib, right?
Christian with Miss Daphne. She loves eating watches.
Aunt Errin with Harper and Daph. such a cute auntie.

i think i might cry when daph grows out of that shirt.
Nana loved daphne and daphne loved nana. (this is my mom, my Nana is now referred to as "old nana by her great-grandkids) we are so excited to go to denver soon!

don't worry, i started a diet today and i'm dead serious about it. hungry, but serious.
it was over 100 in fresno- so the pool felt SO good! we bought daphne a foaty toy but she wasn't having it- she loved being in our arms though and splashing around. she's starting to really fill our her bikini :)