Monday, March 30, 2009

what i adore.

So, the purpose of my other blog what i adore is NOT for me to just list things that I like in hope that Nic will buy them for me- but that is exactly what happened! He bought me the Yo Te Amo necklace from mylavaliere. thanks darling, i love it- oh and i love you too. <3

Saturday, March 28, 2009

3 months

yeah, our baby is hardly a newborn any longer- she is now THREE MONTHS OLD!

so this is what she can do at 3 months:

+she now drinks 5-6 ounces at once which means she can go 4-5 hours between meals. This is pretty much like a normal human! Its so nice! Plus this means...

+she is nearly sleeping through the night. She doesn't eat during the night {which is nice} but she still gets up once or twice just to make sure we are still there and loving her. Basically we just stick her binky back in and she's good.

+she sleeps in her own room! It was really sad for me at first- I missed hearing every little breath but we have a monitor and never miss a cry- and it is nice to have our bedroom back.

+she loves sitting up and standing up. We got her a bumbo chair last night and she really likes it (though she looks like she hates it in pretty much all the pictures i'm posting) she looks adorable in it.

+she loves to smile and and is especially sweet right when she wakes up in the morning. she is still working on truly laughing but she does squeal when she gets excited. Nic likes to tickle her little belly and she really likes it.

+she still loves to kick and punch.

+from the best i can tell she weighs about 11.5 pounds, putting her in the 10th percentile for weight. she doesn't go to the dr. for another month.

+she has quite the little grip. I was eating baby carrots the other day and i put one in her hand and she held onto it for a few minutes. it was way cute.

+i still think she is the cutest baby ever, as i should, i'm the mom.

bad... to worse...

I know this is mean, but i LOVE this look of sheer horror on her face.

then, i put the bink in her mouth and it was bliss.

this little outfit from jenny is so freaking adorable. i love my little hippie chick.
this is one of my favorite pictures of her ever.

cutest dress from Rayna {thank you!}. I am so glad I looked at the tag this week-
i thought it was HUGE when she bought it but it was just 3 months!

this is another one of my favorites. good job nic :) i love it because she doesn't look super chubby in her cheeks so you can actually see her adorable little chin- and of course those big blue eyes- for all you doubters she is 3 months old and they are still blue!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

little bear

putting daph in this cute little bear coat made the snowy, stormy day a bit more tolerable. thanks Grammy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

denver is the place i love.

a walk in the stroller for the first time. seeing nana {my mom} 75 degree weather. hanging out with my one and only sister and bestest friend. Josie. being in a loft downtown/never wanting to leave it. nic loving colorado nearly as much as i do! daphne's first swim. Sidney.the window seat in the office- daphne's favorite place to be. touring model homes. getting pulled over by the Lone Tree Hummer police {no ticket} late nights chatting. 5 crowns. seeing daphne play with papa {my dad} dinner with emily, tony, matt and carly. sunshine. a fabulous 2nd baby shower and lots of new outfits for daphne. talking to my nana {grandma} on the phone- i never just call her and i really should. Calvin. roasting starburst over blake and ali's stove. driving over 20 hours in the car and daphne cried for at most 10 minutes. Chinese takeout with Mark and Lydia. Jon. pie's sweet mom, Grace. Casey. staying at matt and janna's house in the mnts for the first time. nic loving the i-70 drive and saying we should never go through wyoming again! {though we did on the way home..} purple mountains. seeing the portrayl of george washington and helen keller by josie and jon, they are awesome. adoring baby Mia.sitting in the hot tub chatting with julie and nic. cadberry mini eggs. chipotle. surprising my sister on her birthday- we told her we were coming a day later but showed up at her dessert date with pie- she was shocked! Tommy. spending giftcard money. Seeing Ali's new dog- cutest ever! delicious pizza and pasta with blake, ali and chris. watching closing escrow with pie, julie, matt and janna. yummy food my mom made for the baby shower. Casey. driving around the entire city practically, stopping at every house for sale to get the flyer. Cally. daphne's first modeling job- a sling model for Julie! playing poker with Mark and Lydia. no dishes to do (thanks mom) park meadows mall. watching nic skate woodward. lone tree's super target. shopping with Ali. Lunch with Jenny and Leslie- half of the high school crew reunited {we missed you Denise, Ashley and Melissa} meeting up with an old college friend- Angela. panera bread not once but twice. date night at california pizza kitchen. taking calvin, jon, jos and tommy to mcdonalds for sundays and the playplace. Annabelle. good chats with my dad/playful banter. catching up with emily.
two cutest humans i have ever seen in bathing suits.

ohhh tommy. he really does do this himself. you may think that my sister dresses him up like this so she can have something to blog about. but, he does this on his own- only to her blogging delight.

she's only sad because it was over too soon.

he loves her almost more than a cousin should, its cute. "baby daphAne!!!"

my girls at the shower.

the konchar kids (and a young looking mom) oodling daphne. oh sure, i completely posed this picture but its cute, right?

aunt julie + daph

these ones are from this morning.
back from our 2 week long adventure and she is still happy- what a trooper- or as josie named her: goodie good. she really is- she can't help it, she is goodie good. here she is mid-laugh.

one thing she learned in Colorado is that she really likes tae bo. i think she is a natural. she now just LOVES to be left alone to punch and kick.
who is the cutest? ME! (oh i know, a braggy mom, i just couldn't resist)

sometimes there is too much happiness to just smile- so now she scrunches her whole face and sometimes throws her arms into the smile too.

can you believe she is 11 weeks old tomorrow?
I can't.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a little bit of an update. little bit.

so denver isn't exactly as warm as we were hoping for... but still, it's been fun.

daphne loves this warm window seat in the office- we work while she either naps or plays with the blinds.

dinner with emily, tony, matt and carly. we wish we lived in the same state as these people.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

happy birthday to YOU!

Well, as long as you are my sister, JulieK.

I only have one "real" sister but I must say- I have 4 older and 2 younger sister in laws and I love them all. But, you might understand the bond we have if you too have a sister/mom. Here is a story about my sister: When i was about 5 Julie asked me to be her model. Her friend April had just gotten a life size doll and it was my same size. For Christmas, Julie was going to make clothes for April's doll as a gift. Everyday she would measure {may-sure, that's how our mom says it} me and fit the clothes to me. I really loved getting all this attention from her. Then, on Christmas morning I opened up my presents to find that she had completely made up this doll of April's and had instead been making me dresses that would fit me perfectly. Isn't that so sweet? Julie is a tid bit older than me. Just 13 little years. She was pretty excited when I was born because basically, I was just a cute little doll for her to play with. I pretty much became hers and I am totally OK with that. Sometimes when we are talking she will take on her mom roll with me and give me lame, safe advise about eating my vegetables or table manners. But then, she'll switch gears and talk to me like a sister. I have a sister/mom and I love her so much. Here are a few reasons why:
+we pluck gray hairs together. Yes, i am 24.5 and i have gray hairs- i've had them for years. i am a worrier, which may have something to do with it but if you've seen my mom, i think its safe to say its a bit genetic too. Julie is "passed the plucking stage" but we used to love to pluck each other's gray hair- our husbands always get bored and give up but we push on. She is a fighter.

+we keep each other in line. I help her with clothes, she helps me with exercise/dieting. Ok, she doesn't "help" me really- if i took her advise, she would be helping me. Right now I just listen.

+she is a great mom. Mother of 5. Yeah, 5- that is pretty rare in 2009. She has twins which catapultes her into super-mom range. She has changed more diapers, wiped more... noses...., watched more sponge bob, cleaned up more puke, laughed behind more kid's backs (you have to right?) helped with more homework, driven more miles to gymnastics, said more family prayers, made more trips to the ER, paid more bills, shopped for more groceries, taught more lessons, sat through more hours of church in the hallway, shampooed more heads, made more halloween costumes, wrapped more christmas presents, bought more kid's clothes and cleaned up FAR more messes than i EVER will. I am sure of it. I just am not the type (i am not that good of a person) to raise so many little ones. And, as it turns out, her kids are awesome. Some of my favorites in the whole world. She loves being their mom, it is all she has ever wanted and I am sure they know that. She is just really awesome.

+she picked an awesome spouse. I love my brother in law Pie a lot. He is a great man, a great dad and I loved him being a part of our family for the past 15 years- it just wouldn't be the same without him.

+she is skinny and pretty.

+she blogs, like crazy. read her stuff, julie konchar and konchar family, its so good.

+we both still get acne. isn't that awesome? I bet you are jealous that we have gray hair and zits at the same time- well, at least we get each other.

+she can sew really well. she was going to make my wedding dress or at least a part of it but time didn't allow (we did get married in just 6 weeks!) but she is very talented.

+she knows exactly who she is. She never tries to be anyone but her- she knows her limitations and her strengths. She is Julie.

+she is opinionated. Sometimes, like when i'm already in a bad mood, this drives me a bit batty. she will always tell you what she thinks- it doesn't really matter if you want to hear it or not.

+she is a really good "mother in zion" example to me. her kids have tons (like 30 or 50 or something) scriptures memorized and before they leave the house they have family prayer and pick a scripture to recite. then they all hug each other. we didn't grow up doing anything like this, not at all, so i find that especially impressive. she always has family home evening, i know if i call her monday night she won't answer and i really love that about her.

ok, i really have to go pack for our trip but i could list many more things i love about Julie. She is the best sister I could ever ask for...

Tomorrow is her birthday and we couldn't be there :(

but we will be, soon.