Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't be scared

That's just our freaky little baby growing up there. It will get cuter, rest assured. And, also be advised, I've seen quite a few of these ticker-pregnancy things and I picked the one where our baby looks best at 8 weeks. you are getting a primo fetus.

I scheduled our first dr. appointment today! Its not for 5 more weeks but we'll keep you posted.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"we are going to be so poor"

This is always Nic's reaction when I show him baby things. Its never, "aww that's cute" its just.. "we are going to be so poor"

I know, two posts in one day. i am out of control. plus, I went grocery shopping (left the house!) i am just accomplishing a sickening amount today. I put the rest of you to shame.

one, five, ten


I have been thinking a lot in the last few weeks, especially since I've now been home from my mission for a year, about how quickly life changes. A year ago (plus a couple of weeks now.. I'm a little late with this post) I was spending everyday at the mesa temple visitors center. I was constantly day dreaming of getting home and being with Nic. Seeing him again after THIRTY LONG MONTHS was the most exciting moment in my life, up to that point. I loved being a missionary but Nic trumps it all :) Then of course, we quickly planned a wedding in 6 weeks- 3 weeks of which I spent in California, Utah and Idaho. I am glad my mom didn't freak out too much. I know it was stressful, but we just couldn't wait to get married! A year ago today I was probably picking up my dress.


Five years ago I was in my sophomore year at BYU-I (I should have a doctorate by now... right?) I was 18.. almost 19..I had LONG black hair, I wore safety pins (thats right) on all my clothes. I liked to skateboard and hang out with my college best friend Kim. I think Emily, Megan and Sarah moved in with us that year and we had so much fun. That year I took my first communication class, loved it, and changed my major from ceramics to comm. Now I am taking my senior seminar class from that same teacher this fall. Also, that semester, I took a class named missionary Book of Mormon. It was a 4 credit class and was a lot of work but I loved it. Even though I was looking (and acting) pretty stupid, my testimony really grew that year. I had to read the Book of Mormon in 28 days and it was such a good experience for me. I decided at that point that I definitely wanted to serve a mission.


Ten years ago I was a freshman at Highlands Ranch High School. My best friends are still some of my best today... Melissa, Ashley, Denise, Jenny and Leslie. I wore... i don't even know what. probably still some limited too. I had horrible huge bangs and a lovely gap between my 2 front teeth. We all decided to play rugby that year and actually had so much fun. We spent most every weekend at the mall, at mimi's cafe, going to the "mormon" dances or, of course, in front of a mary kate and ashley olsen movie. I was constantly an emotional wreck and Julie was always there to be my sanity when I couldn't stand my mom. Horrible. Now I love them both :)
I don't have any pictures of the past 5 or 10 years on this computer but I do have some ones from the last part of mission at least.

Monday, May 26, 2008

our kidney bean

No, Jaq, the baby isn't going to be an acorn quite yet. In fact, to me a kidney bean seems smaller than a blueberry- don't you think? But, thats what the baby-update told me this week. In other exciting news- our baby's tail is shrinking (yay!) and though it formed its arms and legs last week- this week we get hands and feet! It reminds me of when Sid was born and my friend from school (we were in 6th grade) asked me if Sid's toes were the size of small peas when he was born. I think that is a really cute visualization- tiny little pea toes. I am still feeling disgusting. I know I am not supposed to be tired of this already at week 8, but i am tired of feeling so un-myself all the time. Nic's work friends are over for a lunch time BBQ and i am feeling very introverted and not hosty. and i used to love being the host. uhhhh... only 30+ weeks to go :) 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kirsten's must see list

Perhaps there are a few of you who are looking forward to a lazy, lackadaisical summer and are just itching for some things to do. Ok.. basically, I am posting the blog that I wish all of you would post, for me. Give me some hope and something to do or watch. Here is my list of favorites and you should return the favor and make a list of things you love so I can peruse it and get some ideas. and thanks again errin for all your blog wherewithall. 

Isn't that the most
 incredible range/oven you have ever seen. I REALLLLLY want it. we obviously couldn't do this in our tiny Idaho house we are planning on getting this fall (even if we could afford this $6,000 range-ha-) because we couldn't get a return when we try to sell it. It would be a little over the market for Rigby :) 
{L} {O} S {T}
thanks to our friends the Olsens and Shumates, we are officially OBSESSED with LOST. It is amazing. We are now 3 discs into season 3 (season 4 just finished last night) we are friends with the guy who checks them out to us at Hollywood Video because he, like us, is obsessed with lost. Sometimes he doesn't charge us and says: its lost, i can't charge you for lost! Then he'll go through the disc and tell us what episodes will be especially amazing. We are never disappointed. This is definitely not a series you can hope to pick up in the middle. You need to watch it from the first season to be fully invested in the stories and characters, plus you will just be lost (ironic?) But, its worth the investment of time.. trust us. We were a bit skeptical at first but now we are hooked.

{B} {E} {S} {T} {I} {N} {S} H {O} {W}
this is one of the best movies of all time. I love it. Today Nic said to me: and then it was... still overcast. I laughed. I love this movie. If you have never seen it or it has been awhile then do yourselves the favor of watching Christopher Guest's finest (in my opinion) mockumentory.

I love this TLC show that goes into people's homes who either want to move or renovate who are curious to see if they have built enough equity. Some people are really happy with the results and others want to kill the realtor. Either way, its a great 1/2 hour. Also, hidden potential. Equally as awesome!

{J} {U} {N} {O}
I think this movie will always hold a special place in my little grinch heart. We went to see it with Jaqui and Travis in Rexburg and I cried the whole way through it. It made me want a baby SOOOOOOOOO bad. I had been thinking these tiny baby thoughts for a few months but Nic wasn't really entertaining the idea. Then, after we saw this he said: wow, that would be really fun. And the rest is history... now I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant.

{S} {A} {Y} {A} N {Y} {T} {H} {I} {N} {G}
I adore this 80's classic. I feel like so many people haven't seen it which is a complete shame. I am always up for a great love story, if you have any other suggestions.

{F} {A} M {I} {L} {Y} {F} {E} {U} {D}
This image is from the old version where the host kisses all the woman, A LOT. on the lips. thats a little much for me. But, whatever the survey says, I'm interested. I think it would be SO much fun for my siblings to be on this and win $20,000 and all take a vacation together! I don't know if I would make the cut (since you can only have 5 players) but, either way- I think the Pedersens should hit up the Family Feud with our spouses. It would be really fun. I've been watching it a lot. I call it "training"
plus... those of you who know and love my mom, wouldn't she be hilarious on the feud? Anything I can think of to make my mom do which will result in this state she enters where she can't control her laughter I want to do. One of these things is making her be the singer in Rock Band at Christian and Errin's house and another thing is her being frazzled on Family Feud.
I LOVE this movie. SO much. Its such a stretch for Steve Carrell (I also love Dan in real life) and it is just so good. It makes me want to travel the country with Nic in a VW bus. We will, someday :) in the mean time we are glad that our friends Brooks and Heather leant this movie to us.

{Q} {U} I {L} {T} {S}
Do I just sit in front of the TV? Of course not! I sometimes quilt while watching TV, blog while watching TV or design while watching TV. I love this idea for a patchwork quilt with a twist. I am working on one right now. I LOVE IT! (thank you Carrie for sharing this with me!) Someday my sister is going to give us a wedding quilt. And sometime, when our first baby turns maybe.. 17, they will get a baby quilt from her. An artist can't be rushed (no matter how hard I try)
try it out:

So, there it is. A few of my favorite things, your turn!

Hey Jude

Nic and I must have watched this four or five times yesterday. I think it is absolutely adorable. enjoy- and thanks for helping me Errin

Monday, May 19, 2008

Our blueberry

Every monday I get an update about our baby-to-be (it's still an embryo at this point) the major development this week is that its hands and feet are forming! How exciting. I can't wait to meet our baby. This week it also has doubled in size and is now 1/2 inch or the size of a blueberry. Last week my mother in law Janell sent me a book that she bought while she was pregnant with Nic. It is color pictures of the embryo/fetus at all stages of development. Very interesting but the birthing pictures at the end were what was very disturbing. I kind of freaked out. I actually through the book across the room. ahhhhhh how am I ever going to do this? I really don't know. If you want proof, I'll be happy to photocopy the book for you and you can see for yourself. Nic's friend Oscar moved here from Texas on saturday to start working with Nic. Nic was showing him the book and we both warned him not to look at the back but he was like.... you guys keep saying that but I really want to see. He also freaked out. But he never has to experience it! I do! in like 8 months! I feel bad because I do feel like I am often found complaining about the nausea, how scared i am about labor/child birth and how lonely I am at home all day. But really, I am so grateful to be carrying a baby. It is so exciting. I can tell I am do something really important and I like it. Plus, I am so excited to have our own little family. I know Nic will be a great dad and I am excited to be a mom. I have grown up with great nieces and nephews who have prepared me for motherhood in some ways- but at the end of the day, I am not who they wanted. Nobody beats a mom or dad. Now that will be us! Sorry for the blabbering but really, I am so happy... and thanks everyone for being so happy for us also. 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

new designs

I am sure most of you do not daily check our etsy page to see what is new.. so i thought i would show you here, which i am sure you do check daily.

ps nic made the wiener dog one and i love it. a special request by a couple who love each other as much as they love their animals. weird, but i love the invite.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jaqui tagged me awhile back with some questions about Nic like this but I wasn't nearly as lonely, bored or desperate for something to do a few weeks ago as I am now. So here it is..

How did you meet your spouse? Nic and I met in late May 2004 at BYU-I. In his apartment, more specifically. I had just met his best friend Ben and then came in Nic. I knew from the beginning that he was T H E O N E. With his girlfriend out of the way a couple of weeks later, we started dating.
Where did you go on your first date? We went to Jonnie Carinos in Idaho falls. Nic had given plasma that day to pay for my dinner. what a dear! My best friend Kim had come that day from Detroit to visit and so I called Nic. He thought I was trying to cancel, but I just asked him to bring a friend for Kim to go out with. He brought Tanner and they actually got along pretty well. After dinner we went window shopping and then we went to back to Rexburg, borrowed Ben's laptop and watched orange county in Smith park, under the stars. Cuddling and holding hands was so pleasant that we started the movie over and ended up watching it twice. So romantic. It was the perfect date! When I came home after Nic and I's first date I shut the door and told my roommates "I just went on my last first date" and I did!
How long have you been together? Started dating officially (not just hanging out/making out) June 28th 2004 and after 30 months of writing to each other during our missions, we got married almost a year ago on June 22, 2007.
Who eats more? Oh, I don't like this question. Its probably me... even though I purposely dish him up a lot more dinner than I do for me . But one time, I didn't eat all that was on my plate and even though we had been married like 4 months, he was shocked. I guess that doesn't happen very often :)
Who said I love you first? He did and I quickly returned. I think we had both wanted to say it several other times but this time it was perfect :)
Who is taller? Nic is. But I did grow an inch and 1/2 on my mission which neither of us are very excited about.
Who sings better? I am glad I can tell this story without crying, oh being a newlywed was a lot of useless tears :) But, one time, on the way home from church I asked Nic why he didn't sing at church anymore, it really bothered me. He was quite for a minute and then he said: I can't sing the notes if you don't. I cried, I sulked, but he's right. Now, I try REALLY hard, which he says is working and I see him singing along so it must be a little better. Nic definitely sings better.
Who is smarter? I think we both have our strengths and weaknesses, but I like school a lot more than Nic does. Maybe he will change once he starts on his major.
Who does the laundry? We usually both bring it down to the laundry room together unless he is working and I am not, then, of course its me. I don't mind. Laundry isn't one of the many, many house chores I despise.
Who does the dishes? Neither of us :) haha.. mostly me, sometimes him. we love having the dishwasher in CA. Our old apt was miserable.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Nic does. It just feels right.
Who pays the bills? I usually do, but if he is online at that time of the month (not THAT time... but the bill time, sicko) then he does.
Who mows the lawn? We wish we had a lawn :( I think he'll mow when thats an option and we'll garden together. We want to have a big garden!
Who cooks dinner? I do. Except on Valentines day Nic did and it was fabulous! I just love to take care of him and what better way than with food? Cooking is fun for me because eating is fun! Oh, and no cooking on Friday nights. I don't think of it as "date night" unless we go out to eat!
Who drives when you are together? Definitely Nic. I feel way weird driving. Even when I am alone, though that is the only option when I am alone. But, that RARELY happens and I like it that way.
Who is more stubborn? Me.
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I don't think either of us do more often than the other person. Basically, neither of us ever do. just kidding.
Who kissed who first? hmm... i would say that it was mutual. I held it off for a huge FOUR days! We felt like kissing each other right away- but i had a new "5 date" rule. So, on our 4th date we came back to my apartment before going out again, so I considered that our 5th date since it was like two separate dates. a stretch, i know. but, he was so damn cute. still is. So i announced it was our 5th date and we both knew what that meant!
Who proposed? Nic did. It was a surprise and wonderful. Of course I knew we were getting engaged, I just didn't know when. it was perfect.
Who is more sensitive? Me. But we both are quite that way. Not in bad way, I absolutly love that Nic can understand me and doesn't use phrases like: you can talk to me when you learn to control your emotions like.. my dad!
Who has more friends? I think its pretty equal- we make friends together.
Who has more siblings? we both have 5 others and both have 4 boys and 2 girls in our families.
Who wears the pants? Nic does, but not in a bad overbearing way. just in a I like being the wife way.

I copied and pasted this from my sister's blog and at the end when she tagged me she said: taking a chance with a newlywed, DO NOT SICKEN US. hahah.. I didn't read that until I was at the end of filling in my answers and with my busy, demanding schedule (ha) there is no way I have time to go back and change it now... so, I hope i didn't gross anyone out. I love Nic. I am so happy that someone so amazing loves me too. That insecure girl writing about her crazy family in her journal never thought she would get a husband like this. I think my family is pretty shocked too :)
I am not going to tag anyone.. i don't know.. its just not my style. but if you want to fill this out, I will no doubt be reading it as I check all of your blogs daily, if not more.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

I just realized that I was barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen and I just had to laugh.

growing up is awesome.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


When you are home, all day, ALONE, being pregnant and sick, you discover a lot about yourself. Yesterday I discovered how much I love watching people win money on game shows. who wants to be a millionaire almost made me cry and though it may be the crazy hormones, I'm watching cash cab today just to be safe.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This one is for Julie

The problem with having this blog is Julie. I can never please her! First it's.. "you never blog- update!!" then it's: "well, you updated, but its really short". So here it is, a blog just for you. My sister. I am the defiantly the sappy one of the two of us so here are some of my favorite memories.

{ T H E D R E S S UP }
I wasn't actually conscious of this memory, but my mom has recounted it to me several times, so its almost like I was there (which I was... my brain was just really little) After my mom had a baby shower when I super tiny Julie took me upstairs and dressed me up in every outfit that I had gotten that night without waking me up. I was her doll. I am pretty sure she was really into me.

{ T H E H A I R C U T }
One of my favorite memories with Julie was going to see her while she was at BYU. I think I was 8. I stayed with her and had SO much fun. She took me to ballet class and introduced me to all her college friends. I felt so mature. One of her roommates gave me a delicious bowl haircut (a-la-Sid Konchar, age 8) looking back at the picture I am surprised I didn't punch her.

{ D O L L C L O T H E S }
One Christmas Julie told me that her friend Apryl had gotten a life-sized doll that was exactly my size and she was going to make Apryl lots of clothes for her new doll. She measured me all the time, fitting these dresses to me. But, on Christmas morning- I opened lots of handmade clothes that she had made for me. So sweet.

{ G I R L T A L K }
The only way my mom could get me to go to bed was to promise me that I could have girl talk with Julie.

{ T H E W E D D I N G}
I remember standing outside of the Los Angeles temple waiting for Julie and Pie to exit after their wedding. I was bawling (this is shocking to you all, I know) I just didn't want to let go of my sister. My cousin Tawnie started crying too and I got mad at her: ITS MY SISTER!

{ M O R E T E A R S }
I also remember going to see A League of Their Own in the theatre and crying all the way through it because Julie was at BYU and the movie was about sisters.

{ K I D S }
Julie has produced the most amazing little ones. I ADORE her kids. Everyone. I remember eating homemade chex mix with Kjell in the waiting room and hearing Sid's first cry. I love being with the Konchar kids.

{ C A D B E R R Y M I N I E G G S}
Julie and I LOVE cadberry mini eggs and have enjoyed many "girl talks" over those yummy little eggs, the 5 pound pack.

I love you, Jules.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i dont wanna work...i just wanna bang on this mug all day

its 11:51 on sunday,...tomorrow is monday. work day. if i could find a job watching lost.....? anyone out there know of any such position? which reminds me, i am an idiot.  for some reason me and Kirsten havent watched the show in like a week.  so, we went to the video store and i was positive that we were on season 2 disc 3... yeah. so we rented the disc 3 and 4, came home and put that in the player thing and Kirsten says, we have seen this one! so we put in the next disc, and yeah we have seen that one too.  by that time it was like 11:30 and we were both in our pajamas ready  to start an awesome lost weekend, and i ruined it with my crappy memory.  but we did end up watching indiana jones since Kirsten has never seen any of them. we watched the first one whatever its called... the chamber of secrets, probably. the one with him falling into the snakes when he was a kid.  then that nazi lady bamboozles him... i know it wasnt the temple of doom.  but that was fun. i think if i keep typing, tomorrow will never come.  but it will, ive tried that before. it was the worst. 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

{mother's day}

I have a fabulous husband. He is the B E S T!!!!!!
He surprised me today when he came home from work. He told me that this afternoon was going to be like tomorrow and I said... what? we're going to go to church? have the missionaries over for dinner? and he said NO... and pulled out a box with a bitchin watch inside!! Happy Mother's day! Because, if you haven't heard, I am going to be a MOM!!!! January 2009 we are adding a tiny little Bingham to our family. We are so excited! Here are some pictures of us finding out we were pregnant (in our HOT Clark Pest control outfits) and my present! I haven't posted anything in awhile because of course this is all I could think about posting but I didn't know quite how to say it. Nic helped :) I love you, Nic!