Thursday, September 30, 2010

everyday daphne - end of sep

i finally found a pair of skinny jeans for daphne that actually FIT her! she's so skinny that her skinny jeans don't even look slim fitting on her. but, i found these (while working of course) legging jeans @ gap and they were perfect (especially perfect since i get a 50% discount)

shirt- walmart $4.
gray denim- gap $12 (with discount!)
shoes- old navy $7 (with discount!)

i love how she has started posing for pictures :) i'm SO happy to have daphne home. When she woke up this morning I wasn't TOO thrilled she was back.. I was so dead tired. but, she's napping now and i'm going to also!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fam pic

new favorite family picture from our friends bridgette & travis's wedding. they gave it to me for my birthday and i LOVE it. we're picking up daphne today from Nic's parents who have had her since the day before my surgery. I'm so grateful they have taken such good care of her, she loves it there. i'm not totally recovered yet but i really don't think i could last another day without her- i'll have to not pick her up too much and hopefully she'll like to sleep as much as i do, but i'm beyond excited to have her home.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

state love

i can't do much but one thing i can do while recovering is design.
i'm lucky to have a job i can do braless (too much info?) and in my pjs without showering.
i've added some new things to our January Jones shop- states!
i just have a few up for now so if you don't see the state you'd like, let me know and i'll design it.
you get to choose your colors (see the options in the last pic) and the placement of the heart (on your favorite city) here are a few examples:

utah- MOAB

idaho- REXBURG

california- LOS ANGELES

idaho- BOISE (in boise state colors :)

*also, I need to get one of these printed so I can photograph it, so if you are the first to contact me at: saying which map you'd like (currently I only have utah, idaho and california available) you'll get it for 1/2 price! (only $6) so I can get it printed and I'll photograph it in a frame before I mail it to you.

go HERE to buy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

post surgery

i'm at home.
drinking naked juice. (not drinking juice, naked- mind you)
interneting when i feel like sitting (rarely)
tv watching.
eating what nic makes me :)
missing missing missing my daphne.
(who is being watched lovingly by nic's parents and grandma, i'm so grateful)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

denver in words

newest addition to JanuaryJones

17x11 print for $16

if you'd like one for another city, let me know! I just need around 50 words that describe your city and I'll make a custom one for you! (if it's a big city like la, nyc, boston, slc, seattle, portland ect- i won't charge you anything for the design because i'll put it up in our shop to sell, but if it's a little city there will be a $50 design fee.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

do you know about january jones?

no, i don't mean the actress who plays betty draper on madmen (obviously you know about her)
well, i don't love her character but i am OBSESSED with her name. So, when planning to open a new etsy shop (city prints & general art for your wall) i knew it had to involve miss january.

so here are some prints from our newest shop!

prints range from $12-$16 and I'm adding lots more soon (including a neighborhood print for SLC!!!)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

tray lunch

every once in a while (but then i really wonder why i don't do it more often-probably because i hate the cleanup) i make daphne a tray lunch (or dinner) i fill each compartment of an ice cube tray with part of the meal.

that day's menu:
1/2 slice muenster cheese
1 slice of turkey
1 jar of carrot baby food (don't judge me- this is the easiest way to get daphne to eat vegetables. i'll probably keep feeding her baby food until she refuses it)
about 1/2 cup applesauce

there is something about tray lunch that daphne just loves. she eats it all up.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

gall bladder update

I am going to make 3 blog posts today to celebrate having INTERNET BACK @ HOME! I'm so excited.
We are sharing with our upstairs neighbors. Completely worth $27 a month. We're thrilled.

So, first of all- a gall bladder update.
I got some horrible news on Monday.
I went into to the county office to see if I could add in my $1003 ER bill into my county assistance application. But instead, I got denied all together. The lady who works @ the office is so sweet, I cannot get mad at her. But, I guess this is what happened...
my surgeon had to write a letter to the state doctor explaining why I need the surgery- and apparently in the letter he did not make a compelling enough case that I needed the surgery. He said that is was "recommended" so, the state doctor (which i think it's totally ridiculous that some doctor who has never examined me can be the overruling force in this process) said he didn't think it was necessary. He said I should be tested for acid reflux, which is about the most absurd thing I've ever heard- i obviously have gall stones, i obviously have gall bladder attacks on a REGULAR basis, so saying that it COULD be acid reflux is as ridiculous to me as saying... OR.. it could be an ingrown toenail- i feel like they are just throwing out any possible thing it could be, except admitting what it ACTUALLY IS! (sorry, can you tell i'm frustrated?)

So, now I have to go back to the surgeon (which hopefully doesn't cost me any MORE money) to have him write a more compelling letter saying that i MUST have it removed. I've had now my 5th attack since going to the ER 2.5 weeks ago. Usually people only have to have 1 or 2 attacks before they get their gall bladder removed. My attacks are not "easier" than theirs- I just don't have the $4000 the surgeon is requiring for a 50% deposit. I am so fed up with being in pain and incapacitated all the time. I have to call in to work all the time so I'm losing a lot of money (if i made a lot of money while working :) and not only that, i feel like they will just stop scheduling me because I'm so unreliable. OH! and that's not to mention our Evapaul clients who I'm totally neglecting all the time since I'm too sick.

You'd write a compelling letter for me, right?

OK but there was a sliver of hope in my visit to the county office. I told her that I had not gotten my denial letter from medicaid yet which surprised her. How the process works is that you apply for medicaid and county assistance at the same time- then, they assume you're going to get denied for medicaid and move forward as if you've already been denied to apply for county assistance. So, she moved forward with it as if I was denied and THEN i got denied for county.

But, I haven't been denied yet.. so there is a CHANCE that I could get medicaid instead which would be AMAZING. they pay 100% and also will pay for my $1003 ER bill from a couple of weeks ago. The lady @ the county office said denials usually come pretty quick, within a week or so, so she said it was a good sign that its been almost 3 weeks and i haven't gotten denied yet. So, i am really hoping i just get approved for medicaid- but i need to still go to the surgeon just in case i need to reapply for county assistance.

thanks for reading- i've felt so loved through this whole process. thanks everyone <3

Sunday, September 5, 2010

customized prints

my mom encouraged me to design some customizable children's prints for our shop: evapaul petite. i know she used to be so excited whenever she found something with the name: Kirsten on it when I was little (it was rare and usually just in Solvang, a primarily Scandinavian hamlet in CA) She never could find things with my brother's name, Kjell. I wonder why?

So, I've designed a little boy and a little girl- then you get to pick the colors and I'll put your child's name in the bubble. This way it will be perfect for your baby & will perfectly match their room too.

A 10x10 print is $12 but if you mention this blog post in your "message to seller" in the checkout on etsy, I'll refund you $3, making it just $9 for the print (same as our non-custom ones)

hope you enjoy! and tell your friends!

*and yes, Magnolia will be her name if [IN THE DISTANT FUTURE!- this is in no way an announcement!] we have a girl and Sebastian (Sebi for short) will be the name if it's a boy. So, if you steal these names in the mean time, I'll know where you got them and think you're lame & unoriginal :)