Saturday, April 18, 2009

daphne weekly updates

are moving to daphne's blog.

of course we'll still have pictures of the little one here- but once upon a time, before i was pregnant, i wrote about things other than my baby- maybe (and no guarantees, seriously) i can come up with some other stuff now too. But i still want to keep a good record for daph and let the grandparents/aunts/ect see her growing up- so just check her blog for the weekly updates!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

this is how to roll over- by daphne

1- get your game face on.

2- keep your eye on the prize (a binky)

3- get excited and move your arms like crazy

4- get your legs in on it too.

5-you've done it!

6- do a mini push up

8- ok now its time to look really desperate- let them know you hate being on your belly but you don't know how to fix that.

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter '09

we had a great Easter with:

grandma webster


daphne just rolled over!
I didn't even see it the first time- I had her on her back playing on a blanket next to me as i was working in the office and then the next second i looked over and she was on her stomach! I was so excited and Nic came in and got next to her and she rolled over to him. It was so cute! She has done it 2 more times in the last 10 minutes so i think its official- she knows what she is doing! Now she just has to figure out how to get back unto her back because she hates being on her stomach. yay! how exciting daphne!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

next week: lipstick, highlights and stilettos.

i'm kidding, of course.
but this post just shows our daph is growing up too fast!
i came into her room the other day to see 2 things:
-nic dressed her {uhhhhh}
-he propped her up against the wall to stand by herself.

Then.. I was reading in my mommy emails the other day tips to know when you should introduce your baby to rice cereal. {YUM!} and daphne was definitely displaying the signs she was ready- holding her head up great, sitting when supported and an interest while we are eating. So... here she is! Her first "bites" (it was incredibly diluted with formula) she did really well and seemed to really enjoy it, or maybe it was the fact that we let her sit in her diaper- how fun!

{excuse the attire- i went to the gym-yay for me! then went to broulims-
then home to test out the cereal!}

And lastly- an Easter preview! I wanted to make sure Daphne's cute brown dress (thanks Danielle and Maddie, daph's aunts) fit her and it does- she looked so cute. when they got her this dress for the shower, i imaged my little girl in brown with her big brown eyes- well, i am in love with her big blue eyes, it doesn't make the dress any less cute :)

apparently she was not excited about the photo shoot.

I don't know if its pre-teething or what but she is obsessed with putting everything in her mouth lately. i probably pulled the dress out of her mouth like 100 times while trying to get a cute picture. good thing this is just the easter preview because i didn't really get a good one.
if your kids don't get an easter basket its probably because daphne ate the easter bunny.
yumm... bunny.
ok, maybe 2 cute ones- i like this one and the next.

Friday, April 3, 2009

13 weeks

i didn't take ANY pictures of daph this week. i know, i am a horrible, horrible mother. I hope someday she doesn't ask me: mom, what was i like when i was 13 weeks old? was i cute? what did i do for fun? what outfits did you put me in? what exciting things did we do that week?

Thankfully for daphne (and me) she has both a mom and a dad. And her dad took some cute shots of her this week. One night I was working and those two were in the family room. I could hear click after click, Nic with his camera. I knew his subject, its my favorite one too. He was mostly just playing with lighting and what not so he ended up erasing almost all the pictures he took- but i found these few and I love them.

So daphne, to answer your questions- you were absolutely to die for when you were 3.25 months old. Yes, you were cute. You are easily entertained, for example you love to admire your own hands. here are some cute pictures of you doing that very thing... {and that is about the most exciting thing we did this week. boooooring- but you were always well dressed, i'll give you that daphne}

reasons i love these pictures:
her big blue eyes.
her {getting darker and longer} lashes.
her polkadot onsie.
nic captured the everyday, this is just exactly how she looks and what she likes to do :)

I am SO proud...

So this morning while checking etsy I saw this on the front page...

that's right- its my sister julie and her fabulous baby slings! I am so proud of her! I literally screamed and ran around the house (searching for my phone in a crazy-person kind of way) Getting picked to be in the gift guides is huge- plus she is the FIRST item in the gift guide so that landed her on the front page and now when people click on the baby gift guide- there she is! What great advertising for her little shop! I made her some business cards today mostly because i just really like her a whole lot. congrats big sis!