Friday, October 30, 2009

new design

i'm working on a few christmas cards at the moment but wanted to share our newest invite from evapaul

Monday, October 19, 2009

october sunshine

Ok... there are way too many pictures in those post, i realize this. but, i'm just not good at editing, i really love excess. so make it all the way to the end... you can do it! (and leave a comment.. i miss comments :(

one of my favorite pictures of me and daphne ever. thanks nic, you're amazing!

i don't blame her, i didn't feel like smiling anymore either :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

emily loves steve

and we got to photograph it.
nic and i loved putting together a fun shoot with our friends.
it was supposed to be 70 degrees but it was about 30 and it even started to snow at the end of their croquet game. through chattering teeth, goosebumps and hard nipples (on steve) we got a few shots that captured their budding young love. you two are adorable.

we'd love to shoot more of our friends (i really need the practice :) so let us know if you're interested.

sneak peek.

my dear friend (and former roommate over 5 years ago..) emily recently married steve. steve is fun and we totally approve. for practice we asked them to dress back up in their wedding clothes from 2 months ago so we could take their pics. we have a lot more images to come... but here's a sneak peek!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


nienie is going to be on oprah tomorrow! if you haven't heard the inspiring (but heart wrenching) plane crash survival story of LDS mega-blogger, stephanie nielson- go over to my sidebar, click on nienie and start reading! my sister julie is a long time fan of her blog and was always trying to get me to read it. i thought it was a little weird to blog-stalk someone- but let's be honest, i do it all the time! so i started going through her archives and it hit me- i knew her! i had met her a couple of times on my mission in arizona. the sisters who served in her area totally ADORED her and told me how much i would love her- and she did not disappoint! she is a just an incredible person- inside and out. she does something that is my lifelong goal- every single little thing in her life is cute. (and rebecca's too:) like EvERyThinG! cookie utensils, file folders, aprons, clothes, dish towels- everything! (including her super adorable blog)
stephanie with husband christian (aka mr. nielson as she calls him on her blog)
so tune in tomorrow with a box of kleenex, this will no doubt be a bawl-fest.

Monday, October 5, 2009

daphne @ 9 months

I really need to take more pictures of daphne! i've considerably slowed down... this month i have ONE image besides her playdate with nina and her "many moods"... ONE! I can see why my mom has like 7 pictures of my entire childhood (i'm the 6th/last kid... and i'm exaggerating.) well, here she is! our little 9 month old for the past 9 months.

she went in for her well baby check today and weighed
18 pounds and was

27.5 inches (but i think it was a little tall...)
he is doing great and has such a personality. she throws a few fits already but for the most part is a super happy and excited baby. she loves to clap and squeal when she's happy.
she has TWO little teeth! her bottom-middles. they are cute but i'm still not used to her teethy smile. and on friday- she took her first steps! 2 steps (and on saturday she did 3) and she's done it lots of times now- not without some coaching/coercing :) it's really freaking adorable. her feet are still SUPER small and its been hard to find 0-3 or 3-6 month shoes that are made for kids that are walking (soft-soled but with tread) but we got her some cute pink/brown maryjanes from gap this week and she stands pretty steady with them on. she's now standing for up to 15 seconds on her own. she's doing great eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in her highchair and just has bottles before her nap and bedtime. she loves splashing in the bath and nic. she really loves nic. last night she caught her first cold (from me... i feel so bad!) i also gave it to nic. now we're all sick and grumpy plus it snowed and is monday so basically today is not that awesome. but daphne is finally napping now with her drippy nose. we're so excited for her birthday! for several reasons...
• Blake is coming home!!! Nic's biggest little brother is coming home from his 2-year LDS mission in new hampshire. we've really missed him and we're excited that he starts school the NEXT day in rexburg! we'll be almost neighbors! [jan 4th]

• she'll be walking and wearing all of her cute 12 month clothes that i've been saving!!

• we're going to CO for 10 days at Christmas time! i haven't been home in FIVE years for Christmas and i'm dying to go.

• i'm graduating with my bachelors december 18th!

yay... so much to look forward to! (i have to think about these good things because i'm so sad summer is officially over and the cold has set in for months and months to come- and the wind- Oh! the wind...)