Tuesday, September 29, 2009

daphne doo.

daphne has been quite busy the past few weeks.
nic and i are both in school full time but thankfully we have great friends who like daphne, and daphne likes them. it works well and we're so grateful to have the help.
she has also gotten increasingly mobile which has meant she has gotten increasingly naughty.
after a few weeks of a makeshift barrier we finally got a baby gate to separate her from the kitchen. i drop too much raw chicken on the floor for her to ever be in there. [kidding- but it is always the messiest room in the house- but i must say the floors aren't as dirty as they look, they are dirty, but there are also lots of lovely dents and scratches in the linoleum. oh, the joys of renting] so here she is acting rather sad at her "cage"

check out those legs! i love them. she is going to have some great calf muscles- always on her tippy toes.

Her high chair arrived today! she was so happy and clappy when we put her in it. She already loves getting new things, oy vey.
she is actually getting a lot better with eating food and i can tell the high chair really helped today! she was excited to have new place to eat, i could just tell :)

[nice pincher grasp daph!]

she has eaten this week:
apple cinnamon puffs
gerber cheddar puffs
organic oatmeal (her fav)
garden veggie puffs
sweet potato puffs
ritz crackers
hawaiian delight (banana and pineapple)
rice cereal

not bad, huh? I'm pretty proud of her.
if any of you super moms have any suggestions about getting your kids to eat (and drink from a sippy cup), i'd love to hear them!
I'll be sure to post in the next few days all about her latest and greatest for her 9 month post.
I can't believe we have a 9 month old... insane!
[oh and please excuse the horrible picture quality, they came from my phone!]

Monday, September 28, 2009

cutest. human. ever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

play date with nina.

evan and lindsay let us borrow nina today. she is exactly one month older (and a few inches taller) than daphne and they are buddies. they are both pro-crawlers and are cruising on the furniture- which makes for a very busy hour for me! but, they had a lot of fun playing together. At one point I was sitting on the couch with some gerber puffs with a baby standing at either knee- eating one at a time like baby birds. [sorry about the poor picture quality.. i'm going to check the iso on the camera- its probably at a billion] partners in crime.
i wish i had a video of this moment, the picture isn't doing it justice. this is when they were communicating with each other through laughs. they would laugh back and forth at each other- pretty freaking cute. nina- born 12.2.08 daphne- born 1.2.09. little cuties. bedhead?

happy daphne. you're adorable!

Monday, September 21, 2009

it's eating time!

after a few months in her bumbo chair with a try attached (which she can now completely get of- lovely)- we finally bought daphne a suitable highchair! It will be here in a couple of days and the messy eating can continue! (she had 3 baths today. threee)

[this isn't us... just a better shot of the chair then the one on ikea's site]

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i'm dumb

this is in response to posts on what i adore.
if you read them, i hope you also read this. if you haven't read them- just know this- i'm an idiot.

i’m so sorry for my last 2 posts (which i’ve deleted from my what i adore blog..) first of all, i was just being arrogant and really, really stupid. Then, to try to defend myself, i said i didn’t care if i offended people, which is even worse.

but, if you could get offended through a blog post, i hope you can get un-offended. I’m really sorry for those of you I have hurt. I promise that was never my intention but it doesn’t matter what the intention is, what’s wrong is wrong. today is my birthday and I’ve spent an entire afternoon (on one of my favorite days of the year!) feeling completely awful about this situation. So please, forgive me.

one of my many, many downfalls is that i am not as careful with what i say/type as i need to be. sometimes i just don’t think.

but, i promise i will work on it- and this will be about WHAT I ADORE- not about things i might not like.

and just because i love the magazine: i’m reposting the link to eliza.

i hope you enjoy.


today, i'm 25.
here are just 25 reasons I love my life.

1. nic. i think every girl should feel they married the best human on the planet- and i surely do. nic is a great husband, father and he is the one person i can completely confide in- my best best friend.
2. daphne. i think i have the cutest, smartest, funniest and most entertaining child. ever. i love her.
3. i'm graduating! i started @ byui 7 years ago and i am in my last semester. it is SO hard. i hate to leave daphne and to not be able to concentrate on our business as much as i'd like- but education is SO important to me- and I'm just going to say it- i'm proud of myself for finishing :)
4. my family. i love my siblings, their spouses and my inlaws.
5. nic totally fell in love with denver during our trip this summer. i'm SO excited to move there!
6. nic has found what he loves to do in life. i'm so glad he loves design and that design loves him.
7. evapaul. our business has been slow lately but before this downturn we've so enjoyed working at home, for ourselves for the past year and a half. i love being able to do something i love for a living. it is so rewarding to create something beautiful for the most important day in someone's life.
8. my faith. i have a lot to work on but i know what i know is true :)
9. my parents. they are such good people and are so generous.
10. i love owning a VW bus! it's a dream fulfilled.
11. also owning a volvo- i've wanted one since 8th grade :)
12. my friends. i'm grateful for good friends to laugh with.
13. my old HS friends. i absolutely love my 5 best friends from HS. they are the best.
14. our house. i will love even more when we have a place that is REALLY ours and we can do with it whatever we would like to- but i love our furniture and what we've done with it :)
15. i'm opinionated. I would hate to go through life playing it safe-but i understand and respect that you may not agree with me.
16. iphone :)
17. our 3 etsy shops- i LOVE being a part of the handmade revolution. support it!
18. music. i love love love good music. i am a firm believer that you shouldn't have a radio station tell you what is "good" (it never is) go out and find it yourself- nic just got me the rearrange us LP by mates of state and i love it so much. it makes me in such a good mood :)
19. planning the future.
20. i haven't completely conquered the weight i want to loose but i'm down 10 pounds and i'm proud that i have made progress in the right direction :)
21. my old typewriter.
22. a large collection of vintage clothes :)
23. my 24 inch imac. i love it. a lot.
24. my testimony.
25. being healthy mentally and physically.

i have so many reasons to love my life; i could have gone on and on.
i have had a great 25 years :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

what i adore

I've been pretty good about updating, huh?


Friday, September 11, 2009

the many moods of daphne

{all while we watched nic @ the skate park}
september 11th, 2009 - rexburg



[cute- check out those lashes]




[ daddy's girl- she freaks out every time she sees him :) ]





[crazy!- and there is her 1 tooth!]

love you daph. A LOT! :)

we're moving!

ok- no. we're not. :(
but- i have moved my what i adore blog.
I'm sure you're thinking- i don't care, she never updates that anyway.
well, until today- that would have been true. but, i've made a post and have many, many more planned. my goal is nearly daily. so, keep checking back- i'm going to be doing lots of etsy features/interviews with my favorite artists on etsy, favorite photographers, graphic designers, wedding stuff, baby clothes/accessories ECT.
tons of stuff- so give me a second chance- add me to your reader, blog roll ect :)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

more like a {what i adore} post

crewcuts has got to be some of the cutest kids clothes of all time.
i wish:
1. we had money to buy daph everything
2. i could fit in kids clothes
3. she could fit in kids clothes (they start at age 2, which is good because that is when you need these investment pieces- sarcasm)

Friday, September 4, 2009

fall 2009

i always start a new semester think it's a rebirth.
an opportunity to change the things i do, but don't want to do.
to do the things i know i should.
there is something really refreshing to me about our schedules changing and our world of waking up at 10am getting turned upside down.
Honestly, it's a little bitter sweet. this is my last rebirth.
I've gone through 7 years at byu-i (minus the mission) and this is my very last semester.
i want to make things better- for myself and for my family. i want to take advantage of this rebirth.

i want to be more spiritually minded
i want to spend more quality time with daphne. reading to her. sitting quietly with her. watching her sleep. (i'm with her all the time- i just want our time together to be better)
i want to work out. i joined a gym and had a personal trainer but i kind of hated him and we can't afford it. but, i need to go to the school gym (which i kind of hate) i have been doing better about being active in past few weeks i've been dieting- i know if i make the time for it, eventually i'll enjoy it.
i want to go to sleep early. (i'm a grandma at heart) usually early to us is 12:30 or 1:00.. that isn't nearly early enough. I'm thinking like 10:30 or 11:00.
i want to wake up early. sleeping till 10 (or 11....) really sets you up to have an unproductive day.
i want to spend less time on the things that don't matter (real housewives) and more time on the things that do.
i want to be a better wife. i want to do little sweet things for my husband that i have a mindset i am too busy to do. i'm not, i never will be.
i want to be a chef. i want to cook and not just throw something together for dinner.
i want to use a planner.
i want to lose the 20 pounds i have left to go (i'm down 8 since the diet- it's working and i'm happy (hungry) and just wanting to look like myself again.
i want to be a better primary teacher.
i want to organize our house and keep it organized.
i want to be scheduled about things like laundry, moping, cleaning bathrooms ect.
i want to be frugal and resourceful.
i want to be consistent with the important things- prayer, scripture study ect.
i want to be hardworking.
i want to be more dependent on Heavenly Father.
i want to do well in school.
i know this might not sound difficult to some(most) of you- but i have a 2.95 gpa going into the semester, i want to graduate with at least a 3.0.
i want to be kinder, more thoughtful, more outgoing.
i want to be a better friend.

oh wow. quite the list. good thing the semester starts on thursday, i have a lot to prepare and do before i can be the new me.