Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yellowstone (yes.. again!)

Our friends Seth and Maddy have been in Europe for the past 3 months and are now in Rexburg for a bit before they move somewhere for good (so depressing) they wanted to go to yellowstone before they moved away and we were so happy to go with them! We left daphne with Grammy & Grandpa for a whole 2 days. I didn't hesitate to go for 2 days, so I guess I was ready to leave her for an extra day (we've only left her for 1 day previously) but, by the end of it i was going CRAZY to see her and Nic was too.

We camped at Lake Hebgen in Montana. it was GORGEOUS! I've never seen so many stars, seen so many bugs and spiders or camped next to such grumpy campers (we arrived at 10:30 and they wanted us to go straight to bed- not eat dinner and talk VERY quietly to each other-- they yelled at us twice. not cool) it was great and Seth and Maddy were perfect company. On Saturday we went into the park and saw some of our favorite along with some things we didn't get to see last trip. It was awesome. We ate the delicious black bean burger at the Old Faithful Inn (i'd been thinking about it ever since our last trip- it is AMAZING!) and then made tin-foil dinners on Saturday night.

On the way home Sunday our bus broke down 30 min. from Rexburg. It was so sad. I miss it already. We'll be getting it fixed soon (we hope!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

18 month stats

just as i thought... daphne has lost weight.
i guess we all have been in our family. unfortunately, i'm the only one who needs to be!
she hasn't grown at all either (since her last check up 2 months ago)

29.5 inches tall [below the 5th percentile]
19.8 pounds [below the 5th percentile]

the doctor said there was no need for concern (but he did recommend a gummy vitamin for her with b12 since she doesn't eat a whole lot of meat.- and no, we're not making daph a vegetarian. i don't cook meat [or eat it... obviously] but if we go out to eat daphne still has chicken or at sunday meals with the family and she does eat the same soy meat that we do on occasion too)

he just said we'll watch her growth charts at 2 (her next check up... i'm going to CRY! she's so old) and see how she's doing. He said she's probably just going to be a short, skinny person. Thanks for your good genes Grammy!! I'm glad she's got the Bingham metabolism, not the Pedersen one :)

He was happy with her developemental milestones and said she's doing more of what they expect a 2 year old to do, instead of an 18 month old, so that's good.

Her biggest fit during the appointment? you'd think it was when they pricked her finger for the lead test.... nope. it was stepping on the scale. cried so hard.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

fire in idaho

i guess there was a huge fire in SE idaho today. hopefully it's all taken care of now though i have no idea. but, it resulted in some crazy red/orange skies for us in rexburg.

Monday, July 12, 2010

thanks for voting!

thanks everyone who weighed in on the poll, i really appreciate it.
I took the feedback and have made some changes!
prints are now $9 (instead of $12) for a 10x10 and shipping is $3 (instead of $6)
so, spread the word! go here :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

18 months!

i haven't posted too much about daphne lately and i NEED to! this is pretty much the only place i record anything- and there is so much a want to remember about this age. daphne is so awesome. sure, there are days i want to rip my hair out [and more days that she rips her hair out- that's a whole other issue] but for the most part, i love this age & am having so much fun with it.

i cannot grasp the idea that we have an 18 month old. soon she will be 2 and i might crawl up in a ball and die. i just can't believe we have a toddler- it doesn't make sense :)

at 18 months she is:

still short and getting skinny. i think she still weighs about 20 pounds but she's got her 18 month check up next week so i'll see for sure. those cheeks we all loved are all but gone- she's looking like a little girl now, not so much a baby.

talking a ton. [of course she has to take out her binky first, because she's getting even more addicted to it] she repeats stuff when we ask her to and has a few favorite words:
hi [she says it a billion times a day]
mom & dad & also NIC
puppa (dog)

she LOVES being outside- her favorite thing is bike rides. she cries every time we have to go in.

she is loving gymnastics though she doesn't really care to do what the coach or class is doing :)

she is SO strong willed and stubborn- she also has quite the little temper. this was magnified by our potty training disaster- i swear she hasn't been the same girl since. it's going to take A LOT of convincing to try to do that ever again. i won't say it ruined her, but she's not the same- and she's angrier- which i don't really love.

she is a scardy cat. afraid of the vacuum, guys outside mowing the lawn, loud trucks, blow dryer, DOGS, ect.

she still dances.

she is really adorable and we could not possibly love her any more. happy 1/2 birthday daph!
we got her this chair at a thrift store yesterday. i love it so so much & so does daph.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i need your help! i've recently started selling alphabet kids room prints in our little etsy shop: EvapaulPetite. but, i haven't sold anything yet :( I wanted to set up a poll to find out why. If you could take a second to visit the shop then take the poll on the sidebar, i'd REALLY appreciate it! and if you have any questions or comments, please post them here. i promise not to take offense, i'm just SO curious why they aren't selling! :)

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