Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

happy birthday!

happy birthday NIC!
I am completely in love with you.
you're the best
--your girl.

what we've been up to.

... not too much. we've been enjoying our lazy summer days. this year and last we've noticed this month is slow for business- the summer weddings are over and the fall brides haven't started to panic yet, so its been kind of nice to have some time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. it seems like as soon as the fall semester starts, it gets instantly cold- so we have 17 days left of our summer fun. Our friend Kendra asked us to take some pictures of daphne in the headbands she makes so I've been trying but to no avail. Here are some of the reject pics:

on tuesday little miss daphne will be E I G H T months old! for a full update see her blog:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Madisyn & Bridger

I couldn't stay up till 2am AGAIN this morning, we have been every night for along time now. So, i stopped editing (and got done with Danielle's) @ midnight and we went to bed. So, here is the rest of the shoot- a few of my favorites from Maddie (age 13.5)

and Bridger (nearly 10)

{ Danielle }

is my 17 year old sister in law.

she is starting her senior year today... wow.. i can't believe how grown up she is! I started dating nic (and hanging out with the fam) over 5 years ago so I've seen Danielle grow up from a little girl to a completely beautiful woman. She is so fun and loves to laugh- it was so easy to capture her inner and outer beauty. Here are a few of my favorites:

We took pictures last night of all the bingham kids- we'll post more soon!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

sugar bee's next top model.

Our good friend Rebecca was nice enough to model 4 pieces for us this evening. Her and her husband, Chad have a super awesome and successful photography business. check it...
and it was so fun to hang out with them, like always.

I just adore Rebecca. She is one of those people who is stunningly gorgeous but really humble and modest. we laugh a lot. we talk about everything. we have lots of common interests. she loves watching daphne and we love when she watches daphne. she's just a great friend,
and... a fantastic model! Thanks so much Rebecca!

red dot shirt -size small$22

watermelon high-waist skirt--size 4ish $36

3/4 sleeve high-collar black wool dress. size 4ish $18

blue paisley puff sleeve dress $26
{thanks Jaq... it just never fit me right, and i after i saw it on rebecca, i knew why!}

go ahead-- it's not bad to spend money if you're buying from a friend! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I can't believe we've been home for a week and half and I still haven't blogged about our trip to denver! well... here it is:
(incredible picture of red rocks (we didn't take it..) it was a beautiful night for a movie under the stars :)
elitches. i love that its right downtown, the city lights were beautiful from the ferris wheel.

LT pool.
fancy tiger. one of the awesome shops on broadway. the owner was awesome and chatted with us for a long time. his wife owns fancy tiger crafts right across the street. both stores are amazing.

We had an awesome trip, our favorite ever. we stayed with my parents for a full two weeks and i really could have stayed indefinitely (except in our own house, of course) but we're back in the Ho. The first weekend, 5 out of my 6 siblings were in town. mark and julie live within 20 min of my parents and matt lives about 2 hours away in the mountains. kjell came in from fresno. (christian and errin couldn't make it and we REALLLLyyy missed them<3)>(because that's why they had kids in the first place... grandkids) We...

had a bbq with ribs and corn on the cob, so messy and summery. got together with sarah (college roommate and long time friend) and her husband austin and baby emmry for haircutting, hair dying, thai food eating and baker neighborhood walking. elitches (amusement park.. and not the tautphaus park kind of amusement park, a real one) with ali and blake, chipotle first and we finished with a perfect ferris wheel overlooking downtown denver. skateboarding with blake, garrett and bill (nic, not me) denver diner at midnight. film on the rocks (watching ghost busters at redrocks with 8,000 others) pasquinos for delicious pizza with blake and ali.lunch with sarah (sisinlaw) @ panera. yummm. my parents took all of us out to a nice dinner together without the 2 year old+ grandkids to hacendia colorado. d-bar with my parents, super yummy dessert (it seems like all we did in CO was eat...) savers thrift store hunting. more chipotle. shopping on broadway in our beloved baker. we can't WAIT to move there! First Friday with the Wiley's which turned into dinner and then a late night chat at a coffee shop. Paris on the Platt with the crew. dinner @ emily and tonys with elizabeth, matt and carly. so yummy and fun, thanks em. lunch with my HS girl friends @ panera- Melissa, Leslie and Jenny- love you!! 5 crowns with my parents. binghams dominated. visiting my sister. seeing melissa cannon and baby henry for the first time! a little bit of work, of course. Fridays for lunch with Em and Tone. Sunday dinner with Julie's family and Mark's family. Swimming at the new lone tree pool with kjell and julie's families. sunday breakfast for blake, ali, garrett, and bill made by my mom and dad. park meadows with sarah (sisinlaw) and again with em, tony and jenny. gotta love the meadows. steak dinner with mom and dad. swimming with lydia, mia, julie and tommy at mark and lydia's pool. light rail from lone tree to denver with my nic.

Thanks mom and dad for hosting us and being so generous and wonderful. we love you.
thanks so much emily for the buddy passes, flying was glorious!

denver, we L O V E you. See you in Decemeber!

cracking the whip...

this is my diet motivation....

on my mission winter '06. (i found lots of old pics whilst cleaning our office today...)
*ok so I have to recount what I wrote on the back of this picture when I sent it to Nic:
"454 w. brown (in mesa, az) this ghetto apt. complex is one we used to frequent. This is a "play ground" that is simply a plot of dirt with a fence around it. The dirt closes at dark"

olsen fam

some of our besties moved to texas over a year ago and we must admit, it's still pretty heartbreaking. nic and ben have been friends for even longer than i've known my nic {about 6 years} and they were roommates when i first we first met. ben married melissa when we were on our missions, and let me tell you, it's the best thing he has ever done! melissa is beyong perfect for him. she is the perfect balance... they make a great time. then last november, cove joined the crew. he is super happy and cute and smiles a huge smile if you even look at him. he's a little food monster and he knows how to play nice with daphne. Here they are sharing a swing:

(i think cove was trying to be brave for his girlfriend but the swing really freaked him out)

ben and melissa have come up every six months or so since they moved to texas and its been great to see them. we had a weenie roast @ the sand dunes with them, cody/kendra/kendall, dustin/camille, doug and austin on monday night then they stayed with us on tuesday and we had a bbq and took some photos.

they were actually the first people we ever took pictures of. we were going to take another families pictures the next day and they let us practice on them.

here we are when we were young and carefree (kid free) haloween 2007.

we love you Olsens!!! (and damn you Texas!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


we had to open a third yes, third etsy shop or i would probably have to go do the dishes or something. -- our full time job, custom wedding invitations. our excuse to go thrift store shopping and to do photography together agian.

and NOW.... -- handmade cards and other printed goods.

:::mini cards are $1.50 each:::

::: I'm really happy with how the banner turned out. woodgrain is my biggest obsession at the moment and I hand drew "handmade" (fitting, right?) :::

I've always loved making cards and we've planned on doing a homemade branch of evapaul for a long time. We will soon be adding pre-printed birthday invitations, thank you cards, ECT. Some will be completely new designs and others will feature elements from our wedding invitations. So far, we only have mini cards up but will be adding more inventory soon (as soon as i make it!) all the envelopes are lined and many of our pre-printed cards will include colored or kraft paper envelopes. I love the little details that we don't always get to do with wedding invitations. go buy some cards!