Sunday, November 30, 2008


This is a logo that I did for a class project. Seth said I should post it, so here it is.  It is for an imaginary paper company named "carta", thats Italian for paper. Plus Dunder Mifflin was already taken.  The company makes all types of recycled paper for art.  For the final I might take out the recycled part just because I ordered some awesome paper for its stationary, but it hasn't come yet, so unless it comes tomorrow, or the place I'm printing at has some good recycled paper, then I'll have to get rid of that idea. Kirsten you should put yours on here, after all yours did go in the gallery!  Oh, so to explain a little more we had to use a reptile in the image. The lizard thing I made is supposed to look like folded paper, or origami I guess.  I liked it better when I had the origami lizard drawn with lines, but I really didn't like the type with just a stroke, so this was the outcome. I had to manipulate the type in some places so the letters would match up better, especially with the "c" and the "a" and the "r" and the "t". I am pretty excited to make the stationary tomorrow, but it's going to be a busy day.  Me and Kirsten have to do the same thing but for a real company tomorrow, and hopefully be pretty much done all in a day.  Wish us luck...... 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

34 weeks

i thought i was 35 weeks this week...
so i got a depressing email in my inbox this morning entitled:
Your pregnancy: 34 weeks.

Here is Daphne's size this week:
she is almost 5 pounds (the size of an average cantaloupe)
and 18 inches long. (not the size of an average cantaloupe)

we just can't wait to meet her!!!
We took absolutely no pictures in Utah this weekend but we had a lot of fun. We stayed with Jarom on Friday night- ate some bbq, watched a couple of movies and nearly enjoyed being around a dog. (it wasn't that bad) Sat and Sun we stayed with Christian and Errin. We basically went out to eat, watched always sunny in philadelphia and that's about it :) It was a nice, relaxing weekend. on Sun Kjell, Sarah and their boys Drew and Chaz came down from Heber so we all got to hang out which was fun since they live in CA so we don't see them very much. Drew loves scooby doo so he was pretty excited about Daphne.

On Monday we visted the UVU campus to check out the graphic design department. Hopefully Christian won't get fired for our extensive tour during his work hours... it was cool though. We'll see where we end up :)

facinating i know... stay tuned for more exciting things. -- Kirsten

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, not only did Obama do it, so did EVAPAUL!
Since we started on Etsy at the of February, we've been watching as people have added our shop on their list of favorites. When we filled up the first page of 100, we were so excited. This morning we reached 1000 people who "heart our shop!" We decided to do something awesome when we got to 1000, both for us and the 1000th person. But, the 1000th person has their favorites marked as "private" (it's like when lame people turn off blog comments... julie) which means we can't reward them with 50% off! But, we're going to do it for the 1001 person instead. Basically I just wanted to share the good news! We feel so blessed that our dream of working together and creating evapaul (which we originally wanted to be a clothing/home/thrift store of sorts) has finally happened- and we're not even out of college yet. It is awesome to be able to do what you love for a living especially since we get to work together too. YES WE DID!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

email forwards! can we afford to lose email forwards! - michael scott

holy hell,  lets all talk about email forwards.  sometimes i wonder why the spam recognition sucks so bad,  email forwards get through and emails i want get stopped.  two weeks ago we almost lost a new client because our spam folder grabbed their email, and i believe its because i have to mark so many email forwards (spam) that the poor computer just gets confused.  does anyone else share in my pain?  just to clarify, email forwards are not emails from one person to another containing a forwarded message, email forwards are most of the time untrue and gossip and get sent to one's ENTIRE contact list, no matter the relevance of the contents of the email to the individual people in the contact list.

p.s. speaking of michael scott, the office tonight, awesome.  pb&j im so glad, no more fat kid in NY making us worry.
i wonder if andy will remember hearing a man's (dwight's) voice with angela when he called in the night.  also, oscar was great.  and was michael kicked out of his own hotel room by the concierge? sad. 

An update of sorts

I feel like I don't have anything new and exciting to reveal but I am going to attempt to write a blog anyway.

-we bought Daphne's crib and mattress today! The crib won't arrive until mid-december but the mattress should come in a couple of weeks. Either way, I am so excited. We settled on this one:
and I really love it.

also, we haven't gotten these things yet either but my mom bought us a car seat:

and Nic's parents got us this stroller: We are so excited about both! Thanks parents!!! (or should i say: GRANDPARENTS!)
This is Nic's parents first grandchild so they are so excited. My parents are old grandparents- Daphne will be #12 but i hope they are still excited, nonetheless.

-I have been having a really hard time in Rexburg lately. Most of our friends moved away last year and we haven't really met anyone in our ward and def. not in our neighborhood. We have classes with lots of fun single people, but i think they get a little weirded out hanging out with a married/going to have a baby couple. What made things worse is I looked up all the classes Nic still needs. He is planning on applying for the BFA program for graphic design, probably next fall. With all those required classes, I think we will be here till July 2011 and that is with Nic going to school year round till he is done. I cried when I figured this out. I lived in CA for the first 9 years of my life, then Colorado for the next 9 and now Rexburg, Idaho for the last 9 years (by 2011, I started here in June 2002) Its not just that we miss our friends but we are really struggling finding things to do here. We find ourselves with cabin fever, especially working from home but there is NO WHERE to go! We just sit here trying to think of something to do and its so frustrating. I am SO ready for a change... but it looks like that is not exactly in the near future.

- I think I had a contraction this morning. I am not sure, but something hurt. it lasted about a minute probably. I have a cold so I stayed home from class and when nic left he told me to call him if i was having the baby. not today, i hope- but i would be SOOOO happy if she arrived a month from now!!

-Our friends Ben and Melissa had their baby on the 11th. She was 5 weeks ahead of me, so its seems crazy that she now has a baby!!! I had a dream last night about Daphne. It was so fun- I didn't want to wake up... she was really smiley and happy in my super bizarre dream (oh, she had a twin brother too- see, it was weird) but it got me even more excited for her arrival. I know everything will change, but in a good way.

-We are staying here for Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Binghams. It will be fun, but bitter sweet because most of my siblings will be home for thanksgiving this year and I haven't been home for Christmas in 4 years. We said last year that we were FOR SURE going to CO for the holidays but we had no idea I would 8 months pregnant. Oh, how things have changed!! We are planning on going for 2 weeks in March so her grandparents can have some more Daphne time while she is still small, it will be fun but there is nothing like the holidays. I really miss my family so much. Much more than I thought I would :) I think it is especially hard being pregnant and then knowing that Daphne won't be around them much for at least the first 2.5 years of her life. I really would love my mom and sister to be close by, I miss them so much and visiting is just never the same, it always goes by so fast and we always have a million things to do and see while in CO that we don't spend as much time at home as we should.

-Evapaul has been off the hook all the sudden- super exciting.

-OK, this is all I can think of, plus I want to go call Julie and ask her about this contraction thing I think I had :)

Sorry for a lack-luster post... more exciting news next time, I promise!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A little disturbing...

Who else is worried about Pam and Jim? I am sick of these episodes that end bad between them. Why are they toying with our emotions like this? I just want them to hurry up and get married and stay married, is that too much to ask?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

more for spring 2009

a few new designs from your friends at
the 20% Daphne discount sale is going strong- just 10 more days to get 20% off!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

how to ruin...

hello! i had an assignment in advanced visual media to create a podcast. it had to be 2-3 minutes, be narrated by me, include music and at least 20 images. well, i couldn't imagine doing something serious like a portfolio so I decided instead to do what I do best- be bitter and cynical- so I created: how to ruin a pregnant lady's day. Just know that I am not being serious- so if you have said any of these things to me, its OK, we're still friends. I have learned to have slightly thicker skin during this process- which is a great thing for me. So hopefully you'll enjoy it- it was pretty fun to make (except listening to my voice OVER and OVER- does anyone actually enjoy that?)

On Monday I am 31 weeks- 7.75 months pregnant. Its crazy to think that now she can come in a month and that would be OK. I feel so unprepared, but I think we are going to get that first crib pictured- it has come back in stock so that's good. Other than that, a totally uneventful week, even with the major candy holiday.