Saturday, February 28, 2009

because i know...

you didn't get to see daphne today.
i wouldn't want you to miss out.

new cut.

who can really grow their hair out?
not i.
but, i really love love love my hair cut- cut by our fabulous friend Camille. I'm feeling like a sassy little momma today- kind of itchy, but sassy.

That, in the background is my hot husband. he just strung a guitar for me. i am trying to learn. I might even take real lessons. I hope they don't turn out like piano lessons or Nic will have to bribe me to practice with atomic fire balls, like my mom did when i was 9. Also in the background is a bottle we never use {and for good reason, apparently} well, now we def. won't be using it because it has been sitting on that desk for probably a week and the contents are, well, i won't describe them because i would hate to be responsible for the new keyboard you would need after vomiting all over yours. lets just say, its nasty and i think its time to bid it farewell. I know I should be thrifty and not wasteful, but i should have thought about that a week ago, before a new species was born in our office, in that bottle.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 month stats

daphne did great at her 2 month check. dr prince said she was doing perfect- growing steadily and meeting all of her developmental milestones.
she can:
{almost} laugh
hold her head up really well
support her weight standing up {she LOVES to be standing up, I almost think she'll skip crawling all together- ha}

daphne is 21.5 inches tall {between the 5th-10th percentile} and 10.5 pounds {between the 15th-25th percentile}

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

week 8

i can't believe little daphne is 2 months old {well, on friday she is 8 weeks and on march 2nd she is officially 2 months old} Tomorrow we go in for her 2 month check up and I'm excited to see how much she weighs and how much she has grown. I am getting more excited about her growing up- its so much more fun to interact with her now and I know it will just get better and better! She got her 2 month immunizations yesterday and she was such a champ. She stopped crying the instant Nic picked her up (about 3 seconds after they gave her the shots) and really has been great since then. I'll be sure to post her statistics tomorrow.

Daphne is such a good baby and is so happy. We love to make her smile and you can tell she is trying hard to laugh, I'm sure that will come soon.

a devious little smile:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's a sunny Saturday and I am longing for window shopping without windows, tamales, crafts i really don't need to buy, vegetables i probably should and delicious treats. Last year my brother and sister in law (i really HATE having to add "in law" because i love my sister in laws and wish i didn't have to address them so formally. But, at at the same time, i don't want it to sound like my brother married my sister, that would be weird and we probably wouldn't be going anywhere together if that was the case) took Nic and I {and daphne in the womb} to the farmer's market in provo. We fell in love. So, I've been scheming up a way to bring a farmer's market to our little town of Rexburg, Idaho. I would LOVE to talk the city into letting us do it in Porter Park- under the huge trees. It is centrally located, all the students can just walk there and it is nice and cool, even on a hot summer day because of all the trees. Some nights {early mornings} after I put Daphne back to sleep I just can't stop thinking about the market! I really want to make it a reality this summer- I think it would be perfect for this community- to link BYU-I with the city. Plus, it seems like all of our friends are the starving artist types and i think this would be a really fun way to sell our stuff. This is a list of some things I would like to see at the Porter Park Market- if you would like to participate, make a comment and tell us what you would like to do. If your craft/talent/desire to sell isn't on the list- who cares! Just comment- I want to see if people would really be interested in doing this before we go to the city.

+prepared food {food that people could buy and eat on the spot}
some ideas for that: tamales! (i found a picture of the actual tamale couple at the provo market- i was pretty excited!)
fresh baked goods
{cookies, bars, ECT}
cupcakes (cocoa bean, i would LOVE for you to have a booth!)

homemade popsicles/ icecream

kettle corn
fresh, cleaned fruit
homemade candy
fresh baked bread
shaved ice
strawberry lemonade (serious money maker when its hot out!)

+fresh produce
i don't know much about what is in season when but some ideas-
strawberries, raspberries ect any fruit that can grow here :)
cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes

potted flowers/herb gardens
potatoes (we are idaho, of course)

anything you create-
fine art photography

print making


graphic design
anything... (more than anything I want this to be a place for artists- i hope we have tons)

+live music
something acoustic for logistics and general likability.

baby stuff {bows, slings, blankets ect}
handmade jewelry

purses/pillows/ sewn goods
home decor stuff

And if you have other ideas- please please let me know. I am dead serious about this- I want to get it going REALLY bad and it will be so much more fun if it is our friends all together hanging out selling stuff :)
If you are from around here and you know of people who wouldn't be reading our blog but would be interested in participating, spread the word!

Friday, February 20, 2009

7 weeks

the bikini girl.
we bought this for the little one today at gap (if we spent $75 we got $20 off... so we had to!) it is 3-6 months so its a little big on her still- especially in the diaper area- but i couldn't resist taking pictures! I hope she'll get to use it in CO! It's ok to say she is getting big, old, ect. I know these things. I've come to grips with it (somewhat) when she grows out of this awesome coat that we bought her that is 12-18 months then we'll really have something to cry about. till then, she is just getting more fun all the time.
she is such a happy baby and that makes us very happy parents.

daphne, showing a little diaper. i don't know what to do with that girl.

checking herself out. {no, i didn't stuff her bikini top- that is ALL her! haha}
liking what she sees. i love those upper arms. it seems like i am always trying to get her dressed so fast (because she's cold or upset or something of that nature)
that i feel like i never get to see these cute little parts of her!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i have to admit it's getting better.

it's getting better all the time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

have you ever had a friend that you think is a little too cool to be YOUR friend?
maybe they dress really awesome. listen to music you have never listened to but always wanted to. have really cool hobbies. don't have the inhibitions you do.
are just naturally pretty. skinny. smart. confident.

is it weird that i feel that way about my daughter?

Blessing day.

daphne looked ADORABLE in her little dress and herringbone mary-janes (that were way big on her and kept falling off..) her dress was
too big too but she can pull it off :)

Friday night my mom called with a "wild idea" {her words} we were planning on having daphne's blessing at the end of the month but with president's day this weekend my parents would have an extra day to spend here so they were wondering if we could bless daphne this weekend. After I cried the entire day on saturday, practically, we thew everything together. My parents arrived saturday night to a semi-perfectally-clean house and then our friends John and Myrica got into town from Ogden. They came with less than a day's notice- what great friends! Since we didn't know the blessing would be this weekend- a lot of our friends missed it, and we were sad that they had to- but i am really grateful that my parents were willing to drive 11 hours and 11 hours home within a weekend just to see daphne be blessed.

Nic did a great job on the blessing, it was perfect. i love him and i am grateful for the great man and priesthood holder i am lucky enough to call my husband. daphne was a little angel. she was awake during the blessing and due to all the guys peaking they told me she was just looking up at her daddy the whole time. so cute. {side note: i am SO glad that we are both at home and daphne gets to grow up with equal attention from both her parents so she knows and loves us both the same. it is so sweet to see the two of them together}

Right after the blessing, everyone came over to our house for lunch. See, this was the reason I was stressed and crying all saturday. i really love to cook and be the hostess, so i didn't want to miss this opportunity to have a bunch of our friends and family together but throwing together the lunch in a day was a little difficult :)

I woke up at 4:30 am with daphne and asked nic to feed her (and he is awesome) so i could sleep till 6 but i just couldn't stop thining about all i had to do so i just got up. i am glad i did because i was barely ready in time to leave for church at 9:00. I made pasta and 2 different sauces- red sauce with italian sausage and homemade alfrado. french bread { i am addmitately NOT a baker - i much prefer cooking- but it turned out alright for my first venture into bread making } homemade carmel with apples. salad. cookie bars and janell made super yummy hot lava chocolate cakes. All together we had 18 for lunch.
i wish i would have taken more pictures- but it was a great, great day. we are so grateful for the support of our friends and family who just adore our little girl.

the food. and my father-in-law's arm.

talmage, dustin and camille... i was too hungry to take more pictures, sad!

Friday, February 13, 2009

that daphne girl is 6 weeks old.

and here are a billion pictures to prove it.

she started to crawl this week. is that early? ok, i'm kidding but check out that neck action!

click on this one to get the full effect. it took me forever but really, i could look at pictures of her for hours!