Thursday, January 28, 2010

daph's back

i'm sorry. it seems like our business has really taken over the blog as of late. i even have a blog dedicated to our business but i get too excited about stuff and want to post it here too.

but, today... daph's back.

life has been a bit crazy and hectic since i graduated. we did some massive re-branding and have changed our prices and started advertising. So, i've been BUUUSSSYYY with orders. I am NOT complaining. I'm thrilled our business is back to normal after an almost 1/2 year lull. Really thrilled. I'm lucky I get to stay home, do what I love and that nic is able to concentrate on school right now for the next 11 months (till HE graduates! yay) I'm also lucky we have an independent little lady running around the house. i'm at the computer a lot... i've totally turned into a workaholic. but, daph is so good to run around my legs, destroy the house (which i try to hurry and clean up before nic gets home) and her new thing is emptying all the kitchen drawers. awesome.

here she is eating breakfast this morning. it may look like she had chocolate pudding for breakfast (she wishes..) but it's prunes and ritz crackers instead.

and this was about a week ago (on one of her less attractive mornings i must say :) i looked up and there she was... just relaxing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

lovely design

i find it especially inspiring when people can make really, really beautiful things out of something that already exists, and isn't at all beautiful on it's on. what a talent! my mom clipped an article from better homes and gardens for me (isn't she cute... clipping and mailing me an article? I love her and miss her) she said it reminded her of me: 1 toddler girl, 2 artists, a home-based business all living in around 1,000 square feet of modern (mid century... not like... ikea) perfection.

and oh was she right! i loved this house. very inspiring.

i looked up the women's blog and online store. quite delightful (i knew it would be when i saw how she decorated... color but just in the right way, graphic art and type on the walls, eames chairs, a vintage highchair... just really beautiful all the way around. she makes paper goods out of found paper. things like library card catalogs and old maps. i think i really, really need her address file. there is something so impersonal about keeping people's info stored in my phone. i need something pretty. your telephone numbers and addresses deserve that, no?

Sharilyn's blog now lives on my side bar -----------> (lovely designs)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

i about died when i saw this playhouse on say yes to hoboken. isn't it awesome? it only makes sense to have your kids play in a bitchin modern house. i'm excited to raise little minimalists :) OH... and what else will you see when you visit say YES to hoboken? You'll see us- right there on the left. yayyyyyy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

ad up!

we've got an ad up!
we're really excited to see our business grow... and have just started advertising with the amazing
and super stylish twigs&honey!

go check it out! HERE

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

evapaul blog

a new blog for wedding planning &
invite making.


for rebecca, if you read this.

nic has some really great cousins and i'm glad that because i married nic- i now have some really great cousins also.

rebecca is one of those great cousins but sadly she is moving (she already lived farrrrr away in pocatello) to the reno area.

well, rebecca (seeing as how we don't really call, or email each other) i thought i'd tell you about a little gem i just found.

remarks from sparks

her biting humor and whit is something i'm sure you would appreciate... and a friend like this might be hard to come by in sparks (or maybe not? i have no idea, really) so, go.... enjoy reno and make real-life friends with this girl. (then tell me about it, please) --oh and we'll miss you in idaho.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


things are cha cha cha changing @

evapaul design

we have created a new identity- added new designs and have changed our prices. go check it out and please please tell your friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

daph, you're pretty freaking cute today. love, mom.

little bows on little shoes.

Friday, January 8, 2010

blake is BACK!

finally daphne got to meet her uncle blake. perhaps the sweetest guy ever- we love our brother/brother in law/uncle blake! welcome home!!! (and he now lives in rexburg- so we get to see him often!)

1st bday party #2

daphne celebrated her first birthday once again (i'm afraid she is going to think that every weekend we party, eat cake and get lots of presents) she didn't nap all day. i think she knew something exciting was happening in the afternoon, and she didn't want to miss it. thankfully she loves crowds and was very well behaved.

do i post too many pictures? i sifted through over 100 pictures- but i'm still not good at narrowing.

daphne loved her presents
she really loved her presents!
i love the chad and rebecca's faces in this pic. hahaha. you're so awesome.
grabbing a drink. i cooked for 2 days straight- 4 layer chocolate and mouse cake (i'll post the recipe soon) caramel/chocolate pretzels, caramel cream cheese fruit dip, chicken wings, homemade salsa, pumpkin bread, vanilla cupcakes and Janell brought yummy wontons.
i just love being a hostess!

yeah.. maybe a cropped daph out of this picture, we were smiling. she was.... NOT.

maddy and i. we didn't mean to match. we did mean not to smile.

thanks so much to our fabulous friends and family for making daph's bday party so special! you guys are the best!

daph's stats

at a year old daphne is:

19.8 pounds [25th percentile]

27.5 inches [5th percentile- no big surprise there!]

17.5 in head [25th percentile]

more to come on her Idaho bday party (today) and the return of her new favorite uncle (or so he thinks... haha- well, she really likes him anyway!) from his 2-year mission in northern new england.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

an entire year.

scroll down to read/see more about her first birthday party. i'm crazy for making 2 posts back to back.. i should be in BED! :)


[Here's another LONG, PICTURE filled post]
Our darling Miss Daphne turned ONE today! I can't believe that a year ago at this time I was laying in a hospital bed with a teeny, tiny baby on my chest that I had no idea what to do with. Everything has changed... though most times I still don't have the slightest clue what to do with her :)

Today was her actual birthday and we didn't do much (sorry daph) 2 weeks ago she had a party in Colorado and this Friday she has a party in Rexburg so today wasn't too exciting. Right before bed I baked cookies and gave her one, that's about it (besides mentioning all day that it was her birthday to which she would respond with a smile and clapping)

The Colorado birthday party was so fun and I'm so happy to have seen so many of our close friends there. Thanks for loving us and our baby- you guys are the best! Emmry!

my dear friend Sarah. so much has changed since we were roommates over 5 years ago- I'm so happy she lives in denver and we'll be able to hang out with her and her husband Austin and baby Emmry often. we love them.
[i LOVE this book, and all dwell studio books. thanks blake&ali!]

I should have gotten a picture with me & ashley. oh well- here she is with the back of Neal (can i make your wedding invites yet? please?) Ashley and I have been best friends since 4th grade. I am forever grateful for that Neal lives in Colorado so she recently moved back from a few years in Seattle. Ashley, you're the best.
julie, you're gorgeous. stop stealing all of daph's thunder.

This picture wasn't @ her party- just a day in colorado sometime. i LOVE it... i LOVE her!

It was a fabulous party- a huge thanks to my mom who helped me with the food/cleaning ALL day. you're the best.

I don't want to get all sappy and reflective- but seriously... daphne is ONE. when people ask how old she is i have to say: one. that makes my stomach hurt. But, i am so enjoying her phase right now. she is learning so much and can understand so much of what we tell her. she is so happy and expressive. she is a joy to be around. i'm so happy she's ours. (even though she's kind of old)