Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope this works because it is incredible

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the baby and birthday and catching up

oh blogging... I've missed you so. Nic and I had no idea (Nic REALLY had no idea because i signed him up for all of his classes...) how much work we would be doing taking 3 studio art classes each. our house turns into a chaotic studio most of the week and it just seems pointless to clean up the paper, mattes, paint and pencils so I rarely do. but, we are LOVING school. I think this is both of our favorite semesters thus far in our education. We have 3 classes together- graphic design, design/color and doctrines of the gospel which we take one night a week with the Alexanders! So, everyday we have class together and that is awesome. In addition, Nic is taking drawing (he is really good :) and Book of Mormon. I am taking advanced visual media (i am creating a website which is completely new to me and scary) and public speaking (not new, or scary but my teacher is INSANE!) Fridays are our easy days- we just go to a graphic design lecture for an hour at 10:15 and that's it! Besides that, i feel like we are at school or working on homework for all remaining hours in the week. I should be working still but I just had to write about a blog about my bitchin birthday yesterday!

Nic planned an awesome day and gave me my presents days in advance, just the way I like it. He got me this awesome drawing pad that links to the design program we use so we can draw with this special "pen" and it will appear on the screen. it is really awesome but i suck at it so far- i am working on it though :)

he also got me this hat on etsy that i have been eying FOREVER! it is so cute and i love it. I would take a picture of me wearing it if only I wanted to- and if i had showered today.

yesterday we had a great time together. in the morning we did homework and ate lunch at frontier pies! then in the afternoon we went to Idaho Falls and went go-kart racing (i really hate spelling things that are supposed to have a "c" with a "k") which was really fun. We did it for our last date before Nic left on his mission 4 years ago and i sucked WAY bad. Yesterday i still finished last, but the other guys (including Nic) only lapped me once which is much better. I attribute this moderate success to birthday powers. Then we went Daphne shopping! This was a special treat because Nic doesn't really LOVE shopping for Daphne but I think all the cute stuff we got yesterday might have changed his mind.

here is all her loot (some of which we got on different days) and the ADORABLE mary-jane socks are part of a set of 6 socks that Kim gave us. We love them and know that if Daphne could speak, she would agree. Thanks Kim!!!

You may notice that we bought her boys pajamas. But, you might also notice that we love robots and it is hard to find girl robot clothes. Plus, we just really loved these pajamas. It is so hard (nearly impossible) to find baby clothes we like. We are trying not to go TOO girly with tons of light pink and the such but that is really hard. Also, we are having a hard time finding clothes with cute designs that don't say: apple of mommy's eye! rockstar! adorable! too cute for you! ECT ECT ECT. Though we already know Daphne is an adorable rockstar, we don't want to advertise it at this level. It's tricky but still really fun. A lot more fun than shopping for clothes for me which we also attempted yesterday. I am a whale.

Then, we went to a super nice dinner at Jakers. We both have tons of leftovers for lunch today which I am thrilled about! Then we went shopping some more and found a few more things including an awesome diaper bag (that is not at all a diaper bag, but thats how we'll use it) which I failed to photograph but will make a whole blog of someday because it is that rad. then we went to baskin and robbins for some MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP (michael scott) and then to see: Ghost town with ricky gervais. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. we loved it.

I have the best husband for planning such a great day to celebrate my 24 years. Thanks Nic, I love you.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

what i wish i was doing....

sleeping. its midnight and i had a frustrating night of not completing a project for our design and color class that is due on monday. what am i doing instead? HAVING HEARTBURN. this has never happened to me before and I am really bitter. this is especially awful because i can only take tums (which we don't have) and there is not one store open in rexburg at this hour though nic is completely willing to go buy me some relief. Oh Daphne, you better be cute.

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's a.....

Little Daphne Ryn Bingham was identified yesterday. We've had a hectic week with the move and are not at all settled- but its nice to know what's going on in my own uterus at least!

We are thrilled- everything looked great and she appears healthy (and she really packs a punch/kick)


{oh, and a lot of people wonder about the middle name... My grandma is Kathryn and she paints and signs her paintings Ryn. (pronounced Wren) so we thought it would be a good way to name the baby after her in a different kind of way- and Daphne we saw on a adopt-a-highway sign driving from Thousand Oaks to Bakersfield- good thing they adopted that mile of the 101- we love it.}