Wednesday, October 29, 2008

blog comments

lately my sister Julie and I have pretty much only communicated through blog comments. we are, apparently, too lazy to dial phones, type emails or keep our conversing private. we instead have found that commenting on each others blogs back and forth is the ideal form of conversation.
so, Julie... what's new?

(i was going to find a picture of you to put on here.. but here is oscar the monster instead- i only have ones of us from the wedding, we need more sisterly photos- i think a trip to glamor shots is in order!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No, I am not pregnant. Why do you ask?

Oh wait... I can't even hope to get away with that lie anymore! (I have never actually said that but I've really wanted to- I am just always too excited to gush about my pregnancy that even making a stranger feel extremely uncomfortable isn't worth it) so here it is everyone... my enormous belly. Tomorrow I am 30 weeks!!! 7.5 months and that means only


As is evident from the pictures, I am pretty thrilled. 2 and 1/2 months sounds like there is still awhile left but 10 weeks! that sounds fabulous! I am feeling pretty OK. nothing I can't handle at this point. But, stay tuned, I'll be bitchin and moanin in no time, I'm sure. This week has been really good except we are on an eternal (or so it seems) search for an awesome crib. (that is in stock somewhere in utah or idaho and doesn't cost over say... $350) i think it is impossible but we really don't want to settle- i want it to go with the rest of our house and be something we can use for lots and lots of kids. here are ones we like but for one reason or another we can't have (out of stock, way too spendy, the mattress isn't adjustable or there isn't a drop down side (i have short arms) or they don't ship here)
we still have a few weeks to figure it all about but my nesting instincts make me want to turn Art Center (what we call Daphne's room because we keep all our art supplies in there for the time being) into Daphne center. Hmm... I am trying to think of some thrilling things to share with the readers of our blog but I am pretty much drawing a blank. We are still loving school and still doing tons and tons of homework. evapaul has really picked up in the past 2 weeks again and we're really grateful for all these spring/summer brides who are planning ahead! Life really is fabulous. I am married to the greatest guy and even when i feel huge, have a horrible headache or am just generally unpleasant to be around (what? not me!) he still loves me a lot a lot. I can't say enough good things about him but just know-- i really couldn't live without him nor would I want to. till next time- loves from idaho <3

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new for spring 2009 from evapaul

It had been awhile since we updated our etsy shop and so we've decided to create a few new designs for the upcoming spring and summer weddings. Plus, we're offering a 20% Daphne discount for couples who get started on their 2009 weddings before November 15th (so we can start working on their designs before Daphne arrives) Here are the first designs in our spring 2009 line. for more on the sale or to see all 65 invitations visit




Navy save the dates

we have now had over 200 sales on etsy in the past 7 months and are looking forward to bigger and better things in 2009! We're also available through (sponsored by Martha Stewart!) and

<3 Nic and Kirsten

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

scarf of the future

one problem with working from home is that you are home. a lot. sometimes, you get apartment fever. this happened to me all the time during the summer while nic was gone knocking doors. tonight, nic is the one going crazy from being home all day (minus a 3 hour trip to school for drawing) he is trying desperately to think of something fun to do. he does not like my plan of going to walmart to buy a blow dryer and shampoo. he does not find supporting walmart "fun". so, instead he makes this- a scarf, to keep himself warm, of course. he called it the scarf of the future and talked in robot for about 45 seconds as i took his picture and told him to hold on while i write a blog. he is still going crazy, so i better go.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is week 28. We went over to the family's house for dinner last night and saw Grandma Nell for the first time since we've been home from CA. As we walked in, Janell said that Grandma was so excited to see me and was wondering if I looked pregnant yet. I don't know how these women hide it so well, but YES at 7 months, I'm pretty sure you can tell I'm pregnant :)

I feel a little odd now in everyday life. its hard to tie my shoes, none of my coats button (kind of a problem since the low today is 16) and my hands and feet are swelling like crazy. Nic pried my wedding ring off a few weeks ago. The Livelys watched in horror, and Heather did exactly what I do when I am uncomfortable and people are crying (me, not Nic)- she laughed. Sorry that I called you the B word, Heather. It was a moment of weakness and pain, forgive me. The wedding band wasn't TOO bad but then when he tried to take off my engagement ring i basically wanted to die. Once I started crying and freaking out he tried to put it back on but it wouldn't come off or go on. Finally, he did it. thanks nic. you are #1. I now wear a silver band from walmart that is 3 sizes bigger than my real ring. classy, classy lady.
As for the lack of updating: I feel like we are barely keeping our heads above water- we've got the office to watch every thursday, school, season 2 of 30 rock which we just got in the mail a few days ago (and finished today while eating lunch- it was awesome) our business, taking at least one nap an afternoon, housework, checking other people's blogs far too frequently, deciding who to vote for, looking at every stroller/car seat and crib possible... the list goes on and on. But, we'll try to be better. I've really got to get some pictures up too.... oops. So, for this post all you get is a chinese cabbage. No kids, its not dinner- gross- its OUR kid! Daphne is now the weight of one these things- 2 1/4 pounds and 15 inches long. She has been moving like CRAZY. Not just kicking, I barely feel that because its so often- but she moves all around my stomach- Nic felt her in like 3 different places during our class this morning. My stomach gets all misshapen- its awesome. 11 more weeks to go I think is the countdown. I am feeling the pressure of being 7 months pregnant and we're not even to midterms yet. Luckily most of my teachers are pretty nice about it. One of my art teachers went super easy on my critique last week because i came into class crying and basically didn't stop the whole time. if he would have been even a little bit mean i don't think i could have taken it. Nic had to drop me off right in front of the building today because I had awful charlie horses last night and my legs still hurt way bad- i tried to cry and yelp in pain extra loud to wake him but he slept right through it.

this is far too long and far too pictureless. my apologies. loves from kirsten.