Saturday, January 31, 2009

week 4.

don't worry. you don't have to comment. oh wait, you probably weren't going to anyways... I'm going to try to not care that no one comments on daphne posts anymore. i'm sure you're just a little tired of it but that isn't going to deter me from posting her weekly update. i know at least 2 grandmas that really like to see new pictures of her. So here you go Nana and Grammy- this post is for you! (oh and Julie too, she is a faithful supported and commenter of the daphne posts)

right now "I am the walrus" is projecting from the record player. but Daphne's moto this week is: I am the reindeer. My mom bought her this cute little reindeer suit thinking she would be born before Christmas (didn't we all...) but its still cute even though its January, nearly February. Plus, its really easy to get her in and out which is super nice so she's been wearing it a lot lately and everytime she does, i think she is adorable and take lots of pictures. so here she is.. our reindeer.
I know.. she's huge. don't tell me, i'll just start crying.

her arm is making a shadow which really ruined this picture- but i can't get over her eyes, they are gorgeous- no matter what color they end up being.

i just love this expression.

OK so maybe I dressed her up in her little suit one too many times.

daphne is quite dramatic. here she is napping on nic's arm. don't cross her when she's hungry either.

I really can't believe she's a month old. Maybe its all this "baby weight" i'm still carrying around or maybe i'm just in denial that she is growing up and getting bigger every day. its been a great week though- she is seriously the cutest.

Friday, January 30, 2009

we're moving....

as soon as we possibly can.

san francisco is calling and we're up for the challenge.

this is like our dream house. 2 bedrooms in the mission district. $525,000 and completely awesome.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

will she....

have blue eyes?
and red hair?

I always pictured little daphne in my head from the second we found out that she was a girl with big brown eyes and lots of dark brown hair. Well, I think I was probably wrong. I'm not sure about the red hair- but it is getting really light and def. on the red side verses the blond side, but I think her eyes will not be brown. Maybe hazel. Green. Blue. Who knows really... but I think I was wrong.

We think red hair would be adorable but I am afraid of the scooby-doo comments that already really drive me crazy. it would only be worse if she has the red hair to match :)

oh and the poor baby acne. I am glad all kids get it so i don't have to feel bad just yet about passing on my bad skin genes on to her. We'll see when she's a teenager.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

week 3

I wanted to entitle this post: STOP IT! Because that is what I tell daphne all the time... the past 2 days she seems to be growing right before my eyes and I just tell her to stop. It is really starting to make me sad... i'm sure you will look at the pictures and think she is tiny, and i know she is.. but just not AS tiny as she used to be! This week was great. My sister Julie came from Colorado for tuesday, wed and thurs and left this morning. We stayed up late every night (and slept in very late too) , watched an incredible amount of tv, ate yummy food and of course, smothered daphne with tons of love. she is in her swing now and i'm sure it won't last too long because she is so used to being held now. It was really fun though and I'm so glad my sister got to come see her while she is small. My sister has 5 kids to take care of at home (from 13-3) so it made me really happy that she would make that sacrifice just for us. daphne is so loved.
so here she is... THREE WEEKS OLD!!!

my beautiful sister julie with the little one.

bath time. she is really liking it now that we bathe her in the sink. she always makes this concerned face the whole time.. that's how i know she enjoys it.

hand tricks! she did this the other day at the dr's office and i freaked out! then she did it again and so i held her hands in place (but she did it, i swear!) until nic could come take pictures of her. so adorable!
hanging out with aunt julie.

i love when she stretches.

Monday, January 19, 2009

2 weeks.

no wonder people with kids mostly just write about their kids... that is all we do now! but, its fun and we really love it. i can't imagine our lives without daphne around now. she is doing great- this weekend she was kind of fussy but i think its all sorted now. She went to the doctor on Friday and she now weighs 7.3 and is 20.25 inches long. she is sleeping now in her sling in my arms- i love it!

this is what we did this week...
daphne reading with dad.
cutest little feet.
she is free from the umbilical cord and nic calls her lizard frog human. but she is the cutest lizard frog human i have ever seen.
daphne was mesmerized one day when nic put her in her crib in her room facing her art gallery wall (all of nic and i's work from the past semester) she was totally entertained and nic got some adorable pictures of her.

this was at about midnight last night after hanging out with joey/rayna/jude/seth/maddy. she slept almost the entire time we were there... everyone was amazed (or were they worried?)
we also:
*had people over for the office/30 rock so daphne got to meet some new friends

*took her to the olive garden friday night. she loved the ambience and her first ever public restroom experience.

*ran lots of errands.

*planned on going to church for the first time.. but then she was so fussy so it didn't happen. maybe next week.

If you don't know Julie, I suggest reading her blogs. (julie konchar and konchar family) i think a lot of my friends only check our blog to link to her blog, but that's ok. she is very funny and has adorable children who are often doing very naughty and funny things. she is staying tuesday-friday and i am so excited!!!

Also, as a post script, how AWESOME is TV right now? We can only DVR 2 programs at once and that has never been a problem till like last week- but there are SO many awesome shows on right now! {I wanted to record this show about toddlers in beauty pageants but it conflicted with american idol and the biggest loser.. we are going to have to make some choices, and i don't like that one little bit} For example: the biggest loser (we have never watched it before this season and now we are OBSESSED! i am pretty sure the one cousin from Mesa was in a ward i served in... so that's cool) american idol (i've never watched this till this season either but i've enjoyed it thus far) the office, 30 rock, LOST (starts this week!!!) and america's best dance crew (or ABDC as a.c. slater likes to call it) so basically.. we have something to watch everynight. You maybe thinking to yourself: pathtic. well, perhaps but need i remind you of the little gem pictured above who don't want to take into the freezing temperatures of Rexburg (and even if we did want to... what would we do?) so instead, we invite people over here and crowd around the tv. don't judge us, it's awesome.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

announcing daphne ryn

i'm sure since you read our blog, you feel like you know daphne pretty well now (you HAVE seen her in the bath) but if you would like an official (and dare i say... AWESOME) birth announcement, email us your mailing address. Our blog isn't private- so don't leave your address here, i would feel guilty.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

twice as old.

we didn't take many pictures from days 6-9 but here are some highlights of days 10 and 11.
daphne is rad. she is a great sleeper, a pretty ok eater (as long as i'm not trying to get her to nurse... that really makes her mad) and she is just generally so happy and alert (when she's awake) it is so much fun to be her parents. <3

so this outfit is one of her best... kidding. it is a little dress number but the arms are quite long and she is always scrunching up her arms anyways so it makes it look even worse. (i do love this style for diaper changing though) Then, in the car seat since the dress can't cover her legs it looks like we just forgot her pants. in january. in rexburg.

this just looks pathetic. and adorable.

sleeping beauty.

nic taught daphne this awesome trick. he didn't want her to think she could just scream and move around her mouth and that would magically make milk come into it, so he taught her about bottles. when he feeds her he takes an extra minute before giving her the bottle to say: bottle. it doesn't sound complicated but you'd be surprised... now she knows what a bottle is and stops crying as soon as he says it! we've tested it several times and it works... nice work nic. what an adorable dad, huh?

bath time! she really hated her first bath (which we recorded so we don't have pictures of...) but she didn't mind as much the second time. this makes it look like she is really filling out but she's not. well, i don't think so at least. we go to the dr. today so we'll see what she's up to in the weight department.

thinking.... i wish i knew what she was thinking about. probably american idol.
I can kiss her as much as I want. I'm the mom.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the first five days.

i feel like i can hardly remember life before daphne.
i don't think that is a bad thing... it may be the sleep deprivation but more likely, she was always part of us, now she's just here. the days are long and hard, the nights are longer, harder. it's hard to find moments to steal away and get things done. nic is working on a client's invite now and its 12:48 am. I just got done pumping (awful :) and i really don't know why i am choosing to add new pictures rather than sleep- i guess i just want to look at her some more tonight. <3 style="font-weight: bold;" size="5">

day one.

born at 6:49 pm to 2 happy and exhausted parents and greeted by 2 elated grandmas, 1 proud grandpa, 2 excited uncles and 2 already-in-love aunts. (and many more who can't wait to meet her but weren't there at the hospital :) us.
uncle bridger.

aunt maddie.
aunt danielle.


grandpa and grammy bingham

uncle colby. we miss you blake!! (on a mission in NH for the next year)

day two.
still in the hospital. more visitors... and lots of laying in a bed :)
nic's mission friend jarom
nic's cousin kayla had her baby, lincoln, the same day we had daphne! she went into labor and had him barely after the first- we had no idea she had had her baby until nic saw his uncle mike (kayla's dad who lives in ut) in the elevator. it was so exciting! congrats to kayla and dave and to second cousins with the same birthday!
grandpa webster was so excited.

day three.
home from the hospital! It was so great to be home. the binghams came up and it was so nice to all hang out. she looked so adorable in her car seat. i can't believe how big her 0-3 clothes (i know, i know.. "not for long" is what you'll say...) we only have a few 5-8 pound clothes and that's all she wears for now. its kind of driving me crazy but she's still adorable.

janell set up a little photo shoot for daphne.

day four.
normally daphne freaks out when we change her diaper. but, this change she was super chill. i had to take a picture of her relaxed little position.

nic bought daphne (and me) a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday! we finally ate it (and it was very yummy) a few days later. my sister's family has started this tradition of bringing birthday cake to the hospital to celebrate their kid's birthdays. it's cute.

day five.
daphne got to sleep in bed (ahh julie!) for a tiny bit in the morning. I woke up to this.. i am pretty sure its the cutest thing i've ever seen.

yes, she is in the same clothes as yesterday. i was hoping you wouldn't notice. it does make it difficult to remember which day is which. this little clown outfit janell gave me at the baby shower- it was something nic used to wear. isn't that adorable? we did finally change her clothes to really start the day (some time after 3 pm) oh, and normally she is all wrapped up, warm and cozy but we were trying to get her to wake up and eat- that's why she is showing off her belly at the moment.

colby and janell came up for a few hours during the day. they even brought reed's dairy icecream and some freezer meals for us. we're so lucky to have them nearby!

grammy and colby.

is it awful that i think she is the cutest little human ever? because i do. i don't even care if you think its awful... i don't know why i even asked.
she likes the binky. fine by us.

off to the dr. once again. she went on monday, tuesday and wednesday. yesterdays visit was awesome. we love dr. prince. she has gained A POUND!! and now weighs 6.10. way to go daphne. she also kept going down on her belirubin (jaundice) test and now doesn't need to be tested anymore! hurrayyyy! now we don't have to go to the doctor till next week. janell gave daphne this adorable little body-length coat :) its still huge on her but so cute- i love the ears. and nic's cousin nicole made daphne this hat. I love it. thanks nicole :)

getting ready for bed.
more of that.
Daphne had the best night sleep last night! we were so incredibly happy. she went to bed (in her bassinet nonetheless) at 11. Then, she woke up and ate at 1 am (we were still up) and then went straight back to sleep till 6 am. SIX AM!!! Then.. she ate again and went straight back to sleep yet another time till 10 at which point i woke her up to feed her before i exploded.

so, there it is... the first 5 days of Daphne's life. I think she likes earth, she doesn't seem to mind. we love her being here. i miss her when she's sleeping or when other people are holding her. i just can't get enough.