Wednesday, October 27, 2010


a few things i've been working on lately...
just in time for your holiday gift-giving :)

see it all @ January Jones

Saturday, October 16, 2010

oh my gosh, it's been so long since we've chatted.
so, i no longer have a gall bladder and i love it. no more attacks & my surgery pain is all but gone as well. i'm feeling pretty back to normal, i even start work next week.
I made a quick trip alone with Daphne to see our friend Sarah and her new baby Haven. Sarah's water broke @ 31 weeks so initially when i got my ticket it was just to go out to be with her- help with her 18 month old Emmry and help her pass the time in the hospital- but in the mean time Haven was born! she is teeny tiny but doing so well- they hope to have her home next month. It was so fun to surprise Sarah, I cannot wait to live near them when we move (which is coming RIGHT up by the way!)
our best friends Chad & Rebecca are coming to visit from Boston in a couple of weeks! we are beyond excited. We haven't meant their baby Christopher yet which will be awesome as well. (especially because in apx 22 years he'll be our son in law :)
they're even going to take our family pictures. i cannot wait!
in the mean time- here we are last month @ our friends Travis & Bridgette's wedding reception.[pre red hair, obviously] look @ how blond our baby is- so strange :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


i've wanted to go really red for a couple of years now. i've tried small attempts but since my hair was so dark, no red was really what i wanted, it would just look like really dark brown hair with some red in it. So, i finally took the leap and had my friend Camille bleach my whole head (i look HORRIBLE as a blond!) and then after several colors of red, i'm happy! it's still shocking when i look in the mirror, but i think i really like it and nic likes it, so that makes me happy.
and no, this isn't because of joan on mad men.
ok, it's a little bit because of joan on mad men.