Tuesday, July 29, 2008

september 4th

I just set up an appt. with our new OBGYN in Rexburg. September 4th is ultrasound day! Start placing your bets.

Monday, July 28, 2008

17 weeks and no ultrasound

17 weeks! I've never liked turnips till now... now, I love them!
I can't believe our baby is already 5 inches long (and its crazy to think it will be about 4 times this long when it is born!) I remember posting about our little blueberry and in some ways that seems like a long time ago but in other ways, its gone really fast. So our doctor has had a family emergency and so we won't have another appointment with her before we move back to Idaho. I'm sad! Dr. Larson was really great and easy going and didn't think I was crazy for thinking we were having twins! But, she is out of the office until September so we don't get to see her again. They called to tell us that we would now have a nurse doing our "15 min" check up and I was like... HOLD UP... we were supposed to have our ultrasound at this appointment! And after a lot of excuses the bottom line is even though Dr. Larson TOLD us we were doing an ultrasound at our Aug. 7th appointment she didn't WRITE IT DOWN. And since she is unreachable, they won't do an ultrasound. We are SOOOOO SAD! We were SO excited to see what variety of baby we are having! I'm looking around at 3d/4d ultrasound places and found one in Yuba City. I might call tomorrow to see when they could get us in. I know that ideally you should be further along so you can really see the baby... but we really just want the sex at this point. (thats what she said...)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I know we don't find out what we are having till August 7th (hopefully!) but I saw these little shoes today at target and I just had to get them. They are for newborn-6 weeks so our little one (if she is a female variety) will be wearing these for the entire 6 weeks to make the $5 worth it! This is the very first baby purchase... Nic says I get $5 a year so I guess it won't be till 2009 for the next item. (i am obsessed with using a quarter as a size reference- what a brilliant idea the babycenter.com people had!)

like a machine

Normally we don't even see the finished products of our invites (evapaul.etsy.com) because we currently outsource our printing to a guy in Idaho and then he ships to our clients. {but we are getting a solid ink printer soon so we will do our own printing! we are way excited for that!} But, with this job, things were a little different. I offered a more cost effective solution to a pocketfold and the bride opted for a belly-band instead (not the kind that will make you only eat 2 oz. a day, that really sounds miserable) but just a band of card stock to go around her invite so all her inserts would be neat in the envelope. With this option I pretty much volunteered Nic and I to do the assembly. Well, now... this is our weekend. 425 invitations. I really do love our job!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

a little bit of everything

I have yet to do the baby update of the week and at this point in the week I usually round up and say that I am another week further along (event though that doesn't happen officially till Monday) but this is our baby at 16 weeks! Well, not our baby- our baby is a human and this is an avocado but they are about the same size.

Last week I had the car and made a trek to target. I just like to look... and buy stuff. As I was in line, I spotted these tasty treats. I have been really wanting some sweetbread. Like coffee cake.. banana bread... pumpkin bread. something. but, i don't have bread pans to make my own here in CA and I know if I buy a loaf, I will def. eat the whole thing by myself. Not good. So, when I found mini coffee cakes that were 100 calories.. i was sold! They looked SOOOO good on the box. Then I opened it up and this is what I found:

I decided to take a picture of the accurately named "MINI" cake next to a quarter just like our baby update pictures, just for some perspective.
They were tasty though.. and I did eat the whole thing but i think thats OK because it was so very small.

BYU-I is stepping it up and requiring each student to have a laptop this fall. We prefer desktops since the design/photography work we do lends well to our huge 24-inch and 20-inch Imacs. So, when we needed laptops we wanted to get old ones to basically just get us through the school requirement but not be our full-time use computers. After finding a great deal on craigslist we picked up 2 apple powerbook g-4's yesterday. they are a little old and "well loved" we'll say... but they will do the job and we are excited!

We met at starbucks. Well, not at the same starbucks but they were across the street from each other. i was on my mac.. she was on her mac.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Feist. breakfast for dinner. waterslides.

Hello! I feel like its been awhile since I scammed all of our friends into reading my super long 8 things post and then making them take even more time to fill it out on their own. I've enjoyed reading every one of them. thank you!

I'll start out with this weekend. It was AMAZING!
It was my turn to plan date night this week and since we only have a few weeks left in CA we want to make every weekend super bitchin because the weekend is really the only time we have to do anything other than work, sleep, eat lunch and dinner and a few hours of TV :)

We have seen a few commercials for a waterpark in Roseville (about 40 minutes away and basically where we go every weekend it seems, its a good place) that does this thing called: NightSlides on the weekends where you can go to the waterpark at night and they say: its more fun after dark! Well, I was SOLD! While Nic was still at work I was on hold for 30 minutes with the park trying to figure out if it was actually dangerous in my pregnant state or if they just say that to avoid being sued. They never got to my phone call so we decided to go anyway. No stranger would guess that I'm pregnant and I knew if we stuck to rides with 2-man tubes that i would feel safe and not like a neglectful mom. So we go and get there are 9. 2 hours for waterpark madness. I thought, this will be cool because there won't be any lines... oh wow.. I was so wrong. The lines were SOOOOOO long. We finally got up to our first ride and they said: heaviest one in the back and I blurted out: THAT'S ME! Because I'm PREGNANT. Nic promptly gave me the death eyes. And they were all like: wait... you're pregnant. My response: "Just a little! (sorry baby) and they went on to tell me that they recommend that I don't but ultimately said the choice was up to me. We went. Don't judge me! I feel kind of bad even writing this but I knew nothing could happen, and it didn't, it was really scary but really fun. I never think before I speak... it is perhaps my number-one flaw on a long list of others. This is something I am really trying to work on, especially after the " That's me! I'm pregnant!" incident. Nic wanted to go on this really freaky no-tube ride and I opted out. First of all.. I thought it was WAY too scary and second of all, I didn't have that tube protection that made it possible for me to rationalize the first ride. Nic loved it and it was fun to watch him. At that point it was 10:55 and we had paid $40 for 1 ride for me, 2 for him. We went into the wave pool for the last 5 minutes until they announced: the park, as well as the restrooms are now closed. They closed the RESTROOMS?!?! Thats death to a pregnant woman.... and her husband too if you also forgot to bring towels (and there is no sun to dry you at 11 pm, even though it was 90 degrees. so, we were super cold and wet and drove home with our wet swimsuits sticking to our bodies and the leather seats. 45 minutes of bliss ;)

Then... Saturday! After Nic worked in the morning (and we went to lunch at a yummy little thai place) we left around 5 for San Francisco. We bought tickets for Feist in Berkeley a few months ago and have been so excited for it! She did not disappoint. It was an AMAZING show. A couple of cons- we almost completely forgot that though we only live about 90 miles away and it never cools down here, the bay area is FREEZING and it was an outdoor show. Nic brought a sweatshirt and I brought a sweater. My extra body weight helped in keeping me warm but Nic's teeth were chattering all night, I felt bad. Also, we left too late to eat dinner before we got there and we were both STARVING. Standing on cement for 3 hours didn't help either- my legs have never felt that way before and I hope they never will again. But, the music and ambiance was well worth any cons. It was fabulous. I found this clip on youtube of the show- its just a little bit but at first she was talking about this guy holding up his ipod and how it was freaking her out and then she gets into a little 1,2,3,4. Delightful. She was a great entertainer and we loved it. The opening band, the golden dogs were a treat as well.

After a freaky midnight dinner at dennys in oakland (they had 2 security guards there which was just a little unsettling) we went to San Francisco to stay with my friend Nikki Ricks. We served together at the visitors center and she got home a few months ago. She is so great. So were her roomates and we LOVED their little apartment right off Market. It was so fun. We went to church with them yesterday and spent the greater part of the morning/afternoon sitting in sharing time in primary while all the parents/teachers went to a meeting about the church's stance on gay marriage in california (since there will be a re-vote or something soon) it was so fun! Then they invited a few people over for breakfast for dinner and that also was really fun.. and delicious. Nikki is great and I was so happy to see her again and finally have Nic meet her too. Her and friend Tiffany made this video and i LOVE it! enjoy our friends at their finest:

Now we are back to monday morning which is a little depressing. I just loved the weekend of fun and the work week is kind of blah in comparison.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 things

I have reached a new level of boredom and Heather tagged me and because I like her, and because of the new level of boredom, here it is:
It really isn't as long as it seems... I promise.

8 Things I Am Passionate About
1. NIC

2. Family, I REALLY wish I got to see my family more. it hurts my heart.

3. The Gospel of Jesus Christ

4. Eating dinner while its HOT. I'm always saying "can we pray? I don't want to have to reheat this." I'm sure this is an adorable trait of mine that makes Nic fall more and more in love with me at every meal.

5. responding to client emails/requests at a freakish speed. I bet they think I have an iphone and that I am notified that I got a new email. Nope, I just check one billion times per day so i can respond super quick in my feeble attempt to make brides happy
(its a shot in the dark, really)

6. things that are aesthetically pleasing be it design (hopefully my own... sometimes :), photography, art, interior design, culinary art ECT. I really like things to be
pretty but in an unexpected way.

7. watching "my shows" all of which right now (i'm thinking because its the summer and the old standbys of Lost, the office and 30 rock aren't new) involves shows where someone is eliminated every week namely: design star, america's next best dance crew (or ABDC as AC Slater likes to call it) and the next food network star. I'll let you know right now (so i can have proof that I called it..) I want Jennifer or Matt to win design star, Super crew (cr3w, thats for you, Nic) to win ABDC and Lisa to win the food one. I didn't really like Kelsey but I felt like I had to route for the Mormon so I feel relieved that she got kicked off because I really do like Lisa the best. wow... see, I am passionate about this.

8. colorado. I am blessed because a lot of people hate where they grew up, I, on the otherhand LOVE it and Nic thinks I am bratty about it... but I call it "passion"
beautiful denver. city i love.

8 Books I Have Read And Enjoyed
(can this be episodes I watched today? Ok... I'll do the books)
1. any of the standard works
2. preach my gospel (its a manual... but its really long and I read it everyday for 18 months so I am going to say that counts as a book)
3. I am reading right now a girl named zippy which i borrowed from my Nana and plan on returning upon completion, I promise. Its quite enjoyable and i would recommend it.
4. the secret life of bees

5. everyone poops
6. the great divorce by cs lewis (not a book on marriage... and no, i don't think divorce is "great") its about heaven and hell and I got all excited because they were talking about it in Gospel Doctrine on Sunday and I was like: I've read that! Thanks dave the shauna.. they slid it under our door one night.

7. in middle school my favorite book was the giver. so i'm going to say its still good because I really enjoyed it then.
8. This book about a mouse (julie, help me out.. I know you know the name) that is also from my Nana's library. I used to always read it when I stayed there and its just a delightful tail.

8 Words/Phrases I Say Often
1. I love you (i think it might be safe to say that we say this more to each other than any other couple, ever. I am sure you love your spouse just as much as we love each other, don't get me wrong, but we do say it A LOT which I love :)
2. I have a headache.
3. I don't "say" this but I type it at least 30 times a day in emails to clients: Thanks so much- Nic and Kirsten @ evapaul. (i have a REALLY hard time typing Nic and not
following it with the word "and"

4. today its: I really want a house (lending DRAMA.. I'll fill you in later)
5. pretty, pretty good (a la Larry David)
6. I ate too much (i never know i'm full till its WAYYYY too late, its a problem)

(this is probably the only time i didn't eat TOO much. this is at our wedding luncheon and then we were off to our hotel room.... i was a bit nervous/don't want to look fat at that point)

7. good luck (nic sells stuff)
8. I’m Hungry. (this was Heather's #8 but I find it appropriate to, its often directly followed by common phrase #6)

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die (in no particular order)
1. own a house. something to call OUR OWN! never be in debt for things we don't really need to survive. have food storage. live providently.
2. have kids. (well on our way!)
3. watch evapaul grow to something we are proud of and can live off of. we do currently live off it but i hope to have it grow a lot more and maybe have a real brick and mortar store someday.

4. travel. there is so much of this planet that i want to see.

5. graduate with my bachelor's degree

6. make nic happy everyday
7. never be, dress like, drive like, talk like a "boring mom"

8. live comfortably but not extravagantly

8 Things I Learned This Past Year
1. how to start our own business together and what we need to do to help it grow
2. so much about Nic. i thought i REALLY, really knew him but i do learn something (and its never bad... its just new) everyday. Like yesterday he came home wearing white socks that he had just bought. i have never seen him buy (or wear) white socks before. that is something he is passionate about (or has been for the past 4 years i've known him) but he surprised me yesterday. way to keep me on my toes, honey.
3. that i really want to live near my family. i really miss them. i miss my sister. my nieces and nephews and everyone.

4. marriage is work but its the greatest and most rewarding job,
even though its not always easy

5. its really hard to be a missionary once you aren't a fulltime missionary
6. i've found what i really love to do and want to do it forever
7. patience is the stupidest and worst virtue ever. just kidding...
i just need it and don't have any, AT ALL.

8. a lot about babies and pregnancy (but i am sure next year at this time i will think:
i knew nothing!)
*up to this point it was all questions from Heather's blog but I am making up a few of my own:

8 places I want to see
1. new york
2. italy
3. denmark and norway
4. costa rica
5. thailand
6. boston
7. london
8. lone tree, colorado (i've seen it... i just want to see it again :)

8 things I miss
1. nic when he is working
2. being in school
3. my friends from high school. i love you girls.
(plus ashley and leslie, of course. this was from my bridal shower)
4. living near the beach (before CO we lived in southern california till i was 9 and visiting it a few weeks ago made me miss it!)
5. family

6. the people i met/taught on my mission and the christmas lights/easter pageant at the mesa temples visitors center.

this is sister kata who is from an island in micronesia. i will probably never see her again.. but we had fun together. Below is the fabulous annual easter pageant. they set up 10,000 chairs (in one day, its really entertaining to watch) on the lawn and build a 5 story stage (this part takes a few months..) but, its great and I REALLY want to take nic to it. maybe this Easter. who knows.
7. cheap gas prices
8. my old clothes, this new body is cool because in the end we get a baby.. but i look really different and that feels weird.

8 things I currently want/need
1. no shock on #1... A HOUSE!
2. a car. we love the volvo but we have to say goodbye.
3. an iphone. i want the 16g white on to be white on the front where its not screen (its just white on the back and black still on the front, i want white everywhere.)
4. for mac to come out with the macbook air PRO and for us each to have one :)
5. a bugaboo (its an awesome stroller that is really expensive but super bitchin

6. a vacation, somewhere tropical with my lover before 2 turns into 3

7. to know what type of child we are having!

8. a professional printer so we don't have to go through our current printer anymore.. we want to do everything ourselves but we're not exactly sure how to do it.

8 People I Want To Tag
(you know I never tag people because i'm all about agency. till now..
this is more than a friendly tag, its a demand. i love you, now fill it out :)
1. julie
2. errin

3. jaqui
4. adrienne
5. megan

6. shauna

7. emily barrett and stephenson. (it counts as one, trust me)
8. janell because i want you to start a blog!
OHHH.. i have too many people I want to tag. Leslie, Hilary and Maddy

Monday, July 14, 2008

an apple a day. an apple TOday!

Our little one isn't seeming very little these days. This week my email tells me that he/she is the size of an apple! I've been looking up 3d ultrasounds today. I was surprised to see that they are only like $150. (thats for 10 minutes of ultrasound... you can buy up to 30 min of belly time) I asked Julie about it (she got one with Tommy) and she said its best to wait till like 30 weeks. I think by that point we'd rather wait 10 weeks and just see the pumpkin (now that will really be big :)

we are still waiting to hear if we got approved for a home loan so we can buy a house in Idaho. If we hear early this week then I am going to fly to SLC and drive to Idaho next week to decide on a house. It will be so weird to do without Nic. We've been looking at all the pictures and descriptions online together but I really wish he could just be there. Janell is going to come with me so that will be nice to have a second opinion. Still, its one of the biggest decision of our lives thus far and I'm going to make it. ahhhh. adulthood is freaking scary. We are excited though. We've waited a week for the loan news and its driving us crazy!
*this isn't our car but it is the same year, color and model. we are going to wash ours before we take the pictures.

in other news we are finally getting our windshield replaced today! its one of those things we keep on saying we need to do yet the week goes by and it just doesn't get done. Nic called and got the appointment because he is awesome and we're so happy to have it replaced. But, its sad at the same time. We are putting the Volvo up for sale this week. We LOVE our car. It has been both of our dream cars forever and Nic bought it a few months before I got home from my mission and I was so excited! But, since we bought it there has really been nothing but problems. So we are saying goodbye.

hello to our apple, goodbye to our wagon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

date night

Nic and I take turns every week planning date our Friday night date. Its a fun way to surprise each other and come up with new things to do. For the first month or so we were here in California, though we took turns "planning" date night consisted on Applebees and then 4-5 episodes of Lost. Maybe this went on for 2 months. I don't know, we watched a lot of lost and ate a lot of tasty applebees. But lately we've gotten a bit more creative (especially since we are all caught up with Lost now and have to wait till feb. to watch it again) a few weeks ago i planned the date and we went to applebees (old habits die hard) and then we made smores with our hibachi on our balcony. They tasted a little bit like lighter fluid but it was fun. Last night Nic was in charge and might I just say... I love this man. He is so great. He came home from work early (8:00 which is about an hour and half earlier than normal) and we went to the 10 showing of Hancock. It was very entertaining. Probably not the most well written film but it def. kept you interested. For dinner I had a sprite and popcorn and Nic had a Mr. Pibb and junior mints. $16 worth of nutrition. Then we came home and went camping! In our living room!
our lovely office conveniently located in between the dining room (never used) and the tv

We still haven't used the tent I got Nic for Father's day to go real camping but last night we finally put it to use! We cleared away the furniture (and all the debris left under the coffee table, i am the worst housewife) and began to set up the tent. It was HUGE. much bigger than I thought. We'll be able to fit all of our kids in some day. The set up was a bit tedious but we had fun. We made a bed with the couch cushions and it was pretty cozy. Then we set up little miss sunshine on our portable dvd player (while laying down you couldn't see either the whole tv or the whole computer so we improvised!
i think we only got 30 minutes into it and were both slipping into sleep so we turned it off. At around 8 am we woke up and i ached all over. I asked if we could move our campsite and Nic agreed so we drug the pillows and blankets back to our bed. It was such a fun night. dates are so much more fun now that we don't have to say goodbye at the end, just goodnight.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July weekend

We had a great time in Bakersfield with all of my family in town. ( all my siblings except my oldest brother, Mark) The only complaint was that we really didn't have much time.. We arrived Thursday night and went straight to Red Lobster with Christian and Errin. Nic and I had been dying for Red Lobster which is strange because I don't really like seafood. (well.. i thought i didn't but learned i like shellfish, just not the other stuff) We just kept seeing commercials for it and really wanted it. There is one in Sacramento but we just hadn't made it down there yet. So, I found one in Bakersfield and so we mapquested home to red lobster. I had a lot of different directions printed out and so I labeled it at the bottom in big, pink writing: HOME TO RED LOBSTER. On our way out of town we stopped at the Clark office and faxed in our loan application to the lending agent in Idaho. Nic picked up the stack of papers in the car and then after he faxed it he realized he had also sent our lender our directions. I am sure she found it really funny that we were driving 300 miles to go to Red Lobster. It was awesome. Dinner was fun and it was great to be with our brother and sister in law. We really like hanging out with them which is kind of funny because I think Christian and I used to fight the most while growing up. We have a lot more in common now so its nice. Plus Errin is awesome and though we Gchat almost daily it was nice to talk face to face! Then we picked up my parents from the airport. No one thought I looked very pregnant... liars. Friday was the all day family fest celebrating Nana's 80th birthday. It started with the insane 4th of July breakfast at my Aunt Susie and Uncle Ove's house. They host it for the community every year and its HUGE! Bakersfield was HOTTT so we went to Uncle Kurt and Aunt Terrie's house to go swimming. It was so fun. I can't believe how much all of our neices and nephews have grown up and we just saw them 7 months ago. Especially Sid, my sisters oldest who is 12.5. He is looking almost manly lately and its freaking me out. Then we went over to the church where the actual birthday party took place. There was dinner and then we went outside and Nic took family pictures. It was funny because as cousins we rarely see each other but also, none of us ever get to be with our siblings either so we mostly hung out with our own family. Nana was in heaven though. All 4 of her kids, tons of her grandkids and most of her great grandkids. I think that was the best present we could have given her. Then there was a program (Errin's favorite) but, Nana was eating it up. One of my cousins put together a slide show of her life with tons of pictures of every stage of her life. It was really great and really sad. My grandpa died when my mom was pregnant with me from a massive, unexpected heart attack and so my Nana has been alone for 24 years. I never met him but I've always felt a special bond with him. She got up at the end and was bawling (we all were) and talked about my Grandpa and how for the past 24 years she has loved us for 2. Then she said that each of the 5 grandkids that were born after he died (me being one of them) carried a special part of him. I am crying again just writing it! I could tell it was very bitter sweet for her, she was loving this celebration of her life but her life was empty without her spouse. Ever since I fell in love with Nic 4 years ago I've thought about my grandma and how she is so devoted to my grandpa so she never remarried, still wears her wedding ring and says that her heart belongs to him. When I finally knew what it was like to love someone that meant so much more to me.
The whole Soelberg Group

Generation 2- my cousins. I look like a stop sign.

Nana in the middle with her 4 kids (the white haired ones) and their spouses.

Nana with her kids. My mom is in the red. She is so cute.

My mom found a wood carving of Lehi's vision and she loved it.

We also watched the fireworks at my Aunt Susie's house with my parents and brother Kjell and his wife Sarah and their kids Drew and Chaz. We hadn't seen Chaz since he was a month old at our wedding and he is so big now! And adorable!

Saturday we drove 2 more hours south to my FAVORITE beach, Leo Carrillo. Its not the best beach for playing in the water, but it is the best exploring, sea-life and shell finding beach. I don't think Nic was as into this beach until we went to the cove and found crabs, a star fish and so many shells (that we are going to make a project with :) I'm glad we stayed longer with my brother Matt and our sister in law Janna and their three kids Cally, Casey and baby Annabelle. We hadn't gotten a chance to talk with them very much so it was cool to spend a couple of hours at the beach with them and then we went to dinner in Newberry Park before we drove back up to Bakersfield to spend the night. The cave! this is the best part of the beach.
Our cute neice Cally and Matt and Annabell's legs.

Best boyfriend ever.
Matt and Janna wanted to take Cally and Casey up the rocks to see the starfish and crabs so I held Annabelle. She is obviously a 3rd baby- she went straight to me, a stranger and was completely content. And very cute.

Casey, Matt, Janna, Cally and Annabelle. So tan.

Then, we said goodbye to my parents who had an early flight Sunday morning. We went to church with Nana where my Uncle Craig is the Bishop and my Aunt Barbra (from my dad's side) plays the organ so it was fun to see them again and say goodbye. Then the 5 hour drive back to Yuba City. It was a fun, short trip but we made the best of it!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A singleton! And one big uterus!

Yes! We are having just one little papoose! So... we go to the OB today and I am SOOOOO incredibly nervous. I was freaking out. Nic helped to calm my nerves but I was pretty stressed about the exam portion and wanting a healthy baby. Once we get in and meet Doctor Larson I felt better- she was way nice and laid back and totally understood that I didn't want to be prodded and poked and did her job as fast as she could. Then she felt my stomach for my uterus. I had already asked her if we were having an ultrasound today and she said no. And I said- well, if I was pregnant with twins would you be able to tell today and she said yes. So, she feels my uterus and was like: Wow! You are either 5 weeks further along than you thought or you are having multiples, lets get you in to have an ultrasound. So.. we were excited and I was thinking: I was right!!! And the dr. even said: let's go take a look at "them" and we were off to the ultrasound room. I had a vaginal ultrasound. Pretty gross but as soon as it came up on the screen- there it was, our little baby! Just one! and our doctor was pretty shocked to see that it was a 14 week baby and that there wasn't any cysts or growths that were causing my uterus to measure so big. Apparently I am just fat. But, we got to hear the heart beat and see our little one and it was so exciting! We could see it really well on the screen (she said she couldn't get a good in between the leg shot so no sex yet) but when she went to take the picture it was at like the most unclear point. I can't figure out how to label the ultrasound but i put arrows in and from the top to the bottom it is the head, hand, body and leg/feet. hopefully you can see it :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

FOURTEEN, 14, 4teen weeks!!!!

Ok, I won't scare you all with fake ultrasound pictures this week.. though I do find it amusing how many of you openly admitted to nearly wetting yourself when you saw an ultrasound of twins! But, tomorrow is THE BIG DAY! We are going to the doctor at 2 and will hopefully have our OWN ultrasound to post then! No, we can't find out the sex yet (thats between 16-20 weeks) so hopefully at our next appointment. Last week I guess I filled you with a few lies... maybe that wasn't my uterus I was feeling right at my belly button. My sister felt me this weekend and called that "squish" (sad...) and that she could feel it lower. But, she did think it still seemed a little high (fingers crossed!) No, I won't be disappointed if we are having a singleton (i use that term as often as I can, its awesome) but I am just really, really, really hoping! My morning sickness is letting up which is nice but now my headaches are back and maybe even worse. I am currently suffering with one and its really all I can think about! Also, as of late, I've almost completely lost my mind! I keep on messing up orders for clients. Just totally forgetting stuff... for example all of our invitations are named and someone will email me and tell me they want the Mia invitation and I will just so ahead and customize their invite with the Melissa design. this actually worked out well once when a couple picked the mistake design over the one they thought they wanted. But, it is embarrassing! I am usually VERY on top of things. Nic is always thinking our cable or phones are going to get shut off or that our insurance is canceled and then is amazed that I actually remember to pay each bill every month! (its great that he thinks I am so bitchin) and though I haven't started forgetting the bills yet I am really hating becoming forgetful! Other crazy side-effects of pregnancy I have noticed:

-- my eyes are not as awesome as they once were. I have over 20/20 vision but lately when Nic and I have been in the car together he can see signs better than me! He has contacts, of course, but usually my regular eyes were better than contact eyes. It's weird.

--Almost every little baby hair that is growing in is coming in all CRAZY! Super tight curl, really light or really black, wirey and just weird... Its like white hair texture on my regular hair. but, super fine. I am chalking this one up to the baby also.

-- I am getting fat. I know this may seem like a strange side effect when one has a lemon (or two..) in their tummy but yes, for some reason, I am getting a belly. I am not positive, but I think this one is linked to pregnancy for sure.

-- I am VERY emotional. This is going to come to quite a shock to all who know me... Ok.. not really. I am never very unemotional, but let me assure you, the hormones are changing me. Its like I'm a teenager again. I've cried over random little things and sometimes I can't stop laughing (i'm not going to lie, this is more rare than the crying over random things) but either way, its strange. I don't really look like myself OR feel like myself.

I guess thats the thing, I am no longer just MYSELF! I am me PLUS our baby! It really is a miracle. I am so excited for us to hear the heartbeat tomorrow and have my belly slathered in gooo. Less excited for hands/fingers where they don't belong and the whole idea of someone I just met down there in that region. I am excited to fill you in! Check back tomorrow!!!
Also, I'll post about our trip to Bakersfield and Southern California tomorrow! It was great and it makes me sad to be back at home... I miss being with Nic all day and it was so fun to be with my family. I love them so much and hate not living near anyone.

ps- our baby learned how to squint, grimace and pee this week!