Monday, March 31, 2008

I am excited for California

Let me tell you why:
{adventure. I am so glad I married an adventurer. it's so fun to do new things together and be in a new place. i am such a planner and Nic makes me be a bit more spontaneous} 
{we are going to make enough to put a down payment on a HOUSE!}   {selling pest control is every girls dream}
{our apt. in CA is so nice. we have luxuries that we don't have in Rexburg such as a garbage disposal, dishwasher, a pool and air conditioning!}   {we get to park where we live.. unlike our current parking situation} {carls jr is on the same street}  {sunshine}    {THE POOL} {all the awesome things we are going to buy with our MONEY!}  {ikea is in sacramento. pretty close}    
{we really like the people we work with} {photography in a new place} {we are going to see Kjell, Sarah and their kids Drew and Chaz! yay!} {ANNIVERSARY IN SAN FRANCISCO} {it is still snowing here, which is awful} {change. it will be nice to be in new place with my best friend} 

we are leaving in about 3 weeks. we get to see my parents in SLC before we go and that will be really nice. we are definitely going to miss being in idaho with Nic's family and all of our bitchin friends but we'll be back in just 4 months (it's awful that most of you are moving :(
on a happier note: we went to the Etsy page today and there we were! ON THE MAIN PAGE! If you aren't familiar with Etsy they have people (or the Etsy people themselves, in this case) hand pick 12 items to feature. Usually they have some sort of relation like theme or color. Today it was weddings in black and white and our mollie & tanner invite was featured! We've had tons of views on it now and so many more people marking us a favorite shop (like 50 people today which is INSANE!) so we were really excited. This is the invite! <3> thebinghams

Monday, March 24, 2008

I dreamt of a fever one that would cure me of this cold winter

I am not exactly sure when it happened but I am afraid that because it has, things might never be the same. Nic loves the apartment to be hot. I know he didn't grow up in a sweltering house- I've been there and it is kept at quite a pleasant temperature. Probably on the chilly side of pleasant actually, so I know he didn't grow up this way.. I am just imaging that this love for a hot, hot house came from when he was roommates with Ben Olsen. This is when I met Nic -four years ago. Nic remembers a time while they lived together when they had nothing to eat. They had no money and I guess painting house numbers on the curb for money had not gone well that day and maybe it was too soon to go back to the plasma center but either way they were poor. Nic says this happened often and so when they did get a few dollars it was time to feast. Ben and Nic would pool their meager resources together to buy a little chicken, a few potatoes and I am not exactly sure what else. So one during one of these rare dinners they left the oven on. THREE weeks later they discovered that the burning oven was the reason their apartment had been feeling extra warm lately. But, I think thats when Nic fell in love. I know for certain this is when he fell in love with me, but unfortunately for me, this is also when he also fell in love with being hot at home. Its one thing to enjoy some nice, sun-generated warmth outside but a little furnace apartment is quite another thing. No breeze, no precipitation, no relief. In the Bingham home its also summer. 

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here's a little taste...


I'm not sure how many of you are aware of our sprouting little business: evapaul design and photography. For the most part, I do the design and Nic takes the pictures but we both are trying to learn about and develop our skills in each other's areas of interest. We found out about Etsy from my good friend Emily Barrett (thank you!) and have been selling wedding invitation designs there since mid-january. It's been going surprisingly well. We are both shocked and really excited- I mean, this may someday be the means to an end of never having to "wake up for work" or have a boss. That would be bliss as waking up for work might be the thing we hate the most. So a few weeks ago a woman contacted us to see if we would be interested in selling our designs on her website. We get commission for the sales and its just another place to sell our designs. We have been really excited but its taken awhile to get it to her site. Finally, I checked tonight and there it was! Our logo and a mini-slideshow of 7 of our wedding invite designs. You must check it out @ We aren't up under "weddings" yet but that is soon to come.  Also this week a woman bought 6 of our layouts to include on her Etsy shop and website in her custom printed designs. We are only on her but look forward to being on her website- soon also. We are really excited to make the things we like to do into our business together and are so grateful for the opportunities that we have had so far. Thanks to all of you who have told your friends about our invites- we love you! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Is Nic
Could be Nic

....more money for this worker, man i love this worker

So it turns out it was a whore house...

We are house hunting, perhaps a bit prematurely but we are hunting nonetheless. The search has brought us to the sleepy river town of St. Anthony about 15 minutes from where we currently live in Rexburg. It is cheaper and has this charm that we really enjoy- maybe its just that its cheaper that makes it so charming, but still...I now spend many hours scouring the internet for homes for sale in our meager price range and most of them are there. We fell in love with one on a really old street near the court house. It looked to me like it didn't belong there but had been picked up and moved from the streets of San Francisco. It had great victorian details and it was MASSIVE. 6 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 1-bedroom apartments to rent out above a 2-car garage. Way more space than 2 little Binghams need- but, it was only 84,000. A total steal... well, thats what we thought till we went inside. There were things we definitely loved- the hardwood floors, tall ceilings, great moldings, ect but the cons outweighed the pros. There was, of course, a lovely 3 foot hole in the kitchen sealing. Charming. Disgusting carpet. Adorable. OLD plumbing. Desirable. And of course.. so many cobwebs that I can't imagine who would ever clean them down (thats just not really our thing... ) With further investigation we found that our little charmer was once a whore house. Looking back it kind of made sense but we liked it so much we didn't want to see it. So, its not for us. We did on the way out of town stop with our Realtor at a super cute and super tiny little house built in 1910. We really love it... we hope its still on the market when we get home from CA in September, ready to buy our first house! The  house pictured is the one we really like.. and as for the other one- I'm just not that type of girl.