Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tuesday wishlist

saw Liz's list on say yes to hoboken and decided to make my own.
i feel like i haven't had too much to blog about lately- i'm working, daphne is growing (despite my best efforts to stop her) and nic is incredibly busy with school- 20 credits, mostly difficult art classes. i hope we have some time to enjoy the nice weather we've been wanting for months!

so here it is- some things i've been dying over.

i'm redesigning our expedit shelf and these vintage letters would go perfect. from this shop.

oh my, this dress is amazing. from this shop

i asked her and she said she'd make a colorado one for me. i'm planning on it. from this shop

i love this entire outfit and i have the perfect celery sweater to go with the orange dress. planning outfits before you buy something is dangerous. both from Anthropologie

i can never look for myself without looking for daphne too. all from gap

so there it is - now create your own tuesday wishlist please, i'd like to see it :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

farmers market!

I'm so excited to be selling at the rexburg farmers market this year! i did it for the first time yesterday with only about 24 hours notice (i'm not a full-time seller so i can only do it when someone drops out for a week) so i had an insane time getting ready. thankfully Nic's mom Janell took daphne for the entire day and night (she even watched her till about midnight so we could go out with our friends afterward- it was so nice!) I (well, Nic's dad Dave really) painted the frames, I designed and had all the branding printed/laminated, baked 2 loaves of banana bread & 2 pans of rice krispie treats (all at 3 am for some weird reason) baked 35 indivudal cobblers in mini canning jars & a few other things. I was super stressed and crazy and if wasn't for the Bingham's help (including my Nic :) i never could have done it!

I was really happy with how our booth turned out and hope in the coming weeks we can make it look even more awesome :) it was really fun and though we didn't sell out as i had hoped (we have lots of baked goods if you want to come help us eat them!) it was still a good experience and i'd like to do it again and again.
if you live in rexburg- please come next time!