Tuesday, March 1, 2011

photos & video!

pictures of the model! We explain a lot about it in the video too....

the outside! which i love- especially the orange door and all the metal.

entry way/mud room area- here is where the washer/dryer, a coat closet and our 1.5 garage are

the kitchen! don't look at the SS appliances (we'll have black) the nice tile or countertops.. but we'll make it awesome! it's the space i love, it's HUGE!

i guess this is the only picture i took of the family room and it's not even a good one... just watch the video!

door in our family room leading out the balcony

little 1/2 wall with one step up to the 1/2 bath.
i am going to LOVE having 2 baths again.

stairs to the upstairs! (3rd floor) we don't like the brown trim- ours will be all be white and then we're painting the walls a very light gray before we move in
Daph's room

daph's room (i love the big window!)
this is the view from the balcony and it also shows our lot. it's right in front of that pink house which is thankfully 2 stories and ours is 3 so we'll still get some view!

Daph's room

daph's room looking into the hallway and our bedroom (the full bath is that door right before our bedroom on the right)
little desk in the hallway for nic (perfect because he's normally working on the couch)

hall bath (full) on the 3rd floor

i love that there is a door to separate the sink and the tub/toilet

linen closet right across from the bath
our room!
door to our closet
i love that little window- and that we have 2 windows in our room it's so nice and sunny!

view from our bedroom- ours will be built right in front of where julie and sid are standing.
here is the video (it's about 10 min long of me being awkward/excited)

one thing i forgot to mention in the details post which i LOVE about the house is that is there are actually no shared walls- there is a layer of celuous (to prevent noise/fire) then some dead air (also helps with noise reduction) then the neighbor's celulous then their house) so it's not like we'll be living in an apartment which is something i was really worried about looking into a condo. YAY!


yousaidifferent said...

SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! you're such an adult!

R. Long Pyper said...

I am excited for you too. I also love the orange, all the metal, and plans for gray paint (do you and I share a brain or something?). :) Oh, and bamboo floors. Oh, and having a tall, skinny house. With lots of windows. Congrats, you guys! Hope we can visit someday.

Cody,Kendra,Kendall,Osker said...

I'm truly so happy for you and your cute family! I love the condo, all the little details like the cutout window in the kitchen and desk in the hallway are so fun! I can't wait for and update and all your cute decorating when you finally move in! Oh and i love your dress :)

Bethany'sBazodi said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see what you do to it. You look great btw- love the dress.

Adrienne said...

SO COOL!!!! And yes, that dress is amazing. :) my house still doesn't look like me. I can dress myself, not my house! What is wrong here?!